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CouchTuner – Free Movie Streaming Alternatives

Try these legal movie and TV series streaming alternatives to stream the latest content in full HD.

What CouchTuner exactly is?

In today’s time, it can get quite difficult to find movies and TV shows that can have us hooked up till their conclusions. And considering the fact that most legitimate streaming and downloading platforms require their users to create a paid account in order to use their services, many people shift towards websites that allow their users to view content free of cost.

CouchTuner is one such website It allows its users to view all the latest and outdated movies and television shows without taking a big bite from their wallets. This website is available in nearly every country all over the world and is used by a number of people.

It is popular among both types of people; those who love to binge-watch without paying a penny and those who watch movies or television shows once in a blue moon and feel that it is useless to pay monthly subscription charges when you are not even using the services.

Is it really as safe as people assume it to be?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but CouchTuner is not safe at all. This site does not own any copyright license of the content that is put up to be displayed. Moreover, the content uploaded on CouchTuner is also pirated.

Accessing illegal websites is considered an illegal act that can land you in big trouble. Also, using pirated sites can be a problem too. The government or legal action bodies might not take action against the site or you, but your Internet provider has knowledge of the websites you access and they can limit your Internet usage on this act too.

Apart from these, using such websites is also harmful to your data and privacy. Since they provide services free of cost, they mainly rely on advertisements to earn money. While most commercials may be harmless, some can inject viruses in your computer which is both harmful and a danger to your privacy.

Safe alternatives to CouchTuner:

There is not one, but many legal and safer alternatives to CouchTuner and similar websites. Though they do not provide free service and require their users to pay monthly subscription charges, they are a far better option than these free websites.

Sites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are the most popular safe streaming platforms. Using them will not be a threat to you or your privacy at any cost, as they do not display ads that will direct you to malicious websites.

Moreover, since using illegal websites is an illegal task, we definitely recommend our viewers to shift to legal and safer websites, doesn’t matter if you have to pay a little bit for it.

Legal alternatives

Instead of CouchTuner we recommend:

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