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Cyberghost VPN Service Review: Best Features

It has excellent performance thanks to its dedicated streaming features, fast-growing server network, and split tunneling capability.

Cyberghost VPN Service

Cyberghost VPN Service

The company offers a dedicated IP address, a handy feature for business users. This is because there’s no chance of using a blacklisted IP address.

  • Brand: CyberGhost
  • Product Name: CyberGhost VPN
  • Release date: 2004


Overall, CyberGhost is a good pick if looking for a feature-packed VPN. It aced the speed test, has increased the number of servers, and its 45-day money-back guarantee is a bonus for many users.


  • Offers split tunneling
  • Multihop features
  • Up to seven licenses


  • Lacks obfuscation
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

With more servers (6500+), CyberGhost has certainly improved its performance. It boasts tons of additional features not usually found on other VPNs. And if planning to torrent, you’re in lack because you’ve tons of servers to choose.


After running CyberGhost in two locations we found that the speeds varied by location and OS used. It ran fastest on Australian servers achieving speeds of 144 Mbps and 327 Mbps in Paris. German servers had the lowest speed followed by those located in the UK. As for the operating systems, the software achieved higher speeds on Windows machines than on Mac OS devices.


Unlike other VPN services, CyberGhost’s protection features are a tad unreliable. During our test, we experienced several data leaks. This is because it lacks obfuscation technology which prevents web traffic from getting detected by internet service providers.

It also means the software may be unreliable if using it in jurisdictions where VPNs are outlawed (the United Arab Emirates, China, and Turkey). However, it still uses the industry standard AES-256 encryption, a feature that changes encryption keys frequently.

Ease of Use

Our overall experience on CyberGhost was pretty much flawless. Its ease of use was particularly evident on Windows machines. However mobile applications had some bit of lag compared to other VPNs we had tested.


Like other VPN services, Cyberghost offers long-term plans to help you save on cost. It doesn’t have an annual plan but an 18-month, 6-month subscription and a monthly plan.

While long-term plans are more economical, we recommend subscribing to a monthly VPN to evaluate how the service meets your needs. A subscription on Cyberghost allows you to:

  • Connect to seven devices simultaneously
  • Configure devices using Linux, Android, Windows, Android TV, and Amazon Fire Stick
  • Unlimited server switching
  • No data caps

Other Features

  • Device Compatibility: CyberGhost supports OpenVPN on Windows, Android, and Linux apps. Windows apps also use IKEv2 protocol
  • Customer Support: The company has plenty of guides for using CyberGhost on different operating systems. It also has a live chat option if looking for a swift response
  • Streaming Sites Unblocked: CyberGhost unblocks a range of streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and YouTube TV

Final verdict

CyberGhost makes an excellent desktop and mobile VPN but iOS users may experience some challenges. Also, its compromised security features may be off putting for some users.

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