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Dawn Ultra Dishwasgin Liquid Review: Best Gel Soap

This one is so powerful that it is capable of removing grease three times faster than the conventional options. It is environment-friendly since the biodegradable material inside decays without releasing any harmful chemical gas. Not only for the dishes, but you may also use it to wash your steel appliances, rims, and even your tires.

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

The gel contains biodegradable surfactants hence not harmful to the environment. Also, it’s equipped with grease cleaning power three times so you don't need to run the dishwasher for a long time.

  • Brand: Dawn
  • Product Number: 7539634385
  • Scent: Original


This is the best gel you can buy if looking for one with a powerful cleaning action. Its new cleaning formula allows you to clean more dishes with less liquid fast.


  • Reduces scrubbing
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves a fresh scent


  • Cap fits loosely
Residue removal
Value for money

The details

If looking for an easy to dispense dishwasher gel, this product is a good buy. The lid keeps the liquid sealed in, and open and closes with just one flick of a finger. The bottle also has curved contours providing a firm grip when pouring the product into the sink or dishwasher.

Cleaning power

This product isn’t just cut out for cleaning utensils; it can also clean kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances, as well as wheels and rims. A squirt should leave your dishes spotless and grease-free.


This dishwasher gel hardly leaves any residue on your dishes. Its powerful formula cuts through all dirt and stain without leaving white film on the utensils.

Additional cleaning features

Dawn doesn’t equip this gel with too many additional cleaning features. However, the fact that it can clean many other items, including carpets, stainless steel appliances, car rims, and more is a bonus.

Value for money

With this gel, you don’t need too much product to clean utensils. Its cleaning power reduces scrubbing by half and reduces the amount of product you need for every dishwashing cycle. This is a pretty handy feature for a dishwasher gel within this price point.

Final verdict

With its affordable price tag and ability to remove stuck-on food and grease, the product is a powerhouse in the kitchen. What’s more, its ability to clean different surfaces is a bonus.

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