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Deer Stags Greenpoint Slip-On Loafer Dress Shoes Review: Best Business Casual Shoes

These slip-on loafers are made of 100% breathable leather and synthetic rubber soles. The material is long-lasting and breathable with comfortable shafts and cushioning.

Deer Stags Greenpoint Slip-On Loafer dress shoes

Deer Stags Greenpoint Slip-On Loafer dress shoes

Best casual dress shoes for business purposes

  • Brand: Deer Stags
  • Asin: B0051NGGDQ
  • Material: Simulated leather


The pair is very comfortable on the inside due to well-padded footbeds and elasticity of the material. It’s easy to use and despite the bulky look, it doesn’t feel heavy on the feet at all. The soles are durable and easily flexible as well.


  • High arches
  • Padded insole
  • Breathable


  • Lacks adjustability
Value for money

The details

These dress shoes have cushioned foot-beds with additional support in the heel and toe region. It’s a slip-on design and saves you from the discomfort of laces if you want a more breathable, easy-to-use pair. 


The product has a considerably wide design which is great for people with wide feet but looks a bit bulky and lacks the modern-day compact design. Other than that, the heels have a 1.5 inch added height which looks great and also provides stability.


The best thing about this pair would be its comfortable use. The product is very quick and easy to use with zero hassle and disturbance. The ankle shafts are elastic for an easy fit and the inner is well-cushioned from heel to toe for comfortable all-day-long use. However, the stacked heel design might be painful for people with arthritis and back pain. 


The materials used are the best ones available that provide great durability. It’s a lightweight pair with flexible and firm soles, but the lack of a lace-up design might cause the shoe to lose its shape if not used with care. Other than this one slight issue, the pair is reliable and survives a long time.


The product is priced very reasonably and provides a high value for money. It is comfortable to use and doesn’t feel heavy at all. The materials used are long-lasting that doesn’t wear off easily so the price is very reasonable given the features it offers.

Final verdict

As a whole, the product offers a good package with comfort, ease of use, and reliability. The only reason not to buy this one would be the overly stacked heel and the bulky look. Other than that, the pair has extremely comfortable inners and easy wear, both of the things that most dress shoes are ignorant of.

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