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De’longhi BCO430BM Review: Best Espresso Machine

It is a premium choice of OwlRatings’ coffee makers because it’s an all-in-one machine with an advanced active carbon filter to keep your water fresh and clean impurities for your brewed coffee. With its advanced mixing system, you can make your foam the way you like.

De'longhi BCO430BM

De'longhi BCO430BM

Combination of a coffee and espresso maker.

  • Dimensions: 11 x 14.5 x 12.7 inches


Does the job of two coffee makers for one so the price point is more than fair. However, we’ll prefer you go for a coffee maker that performs both functions separately even if it will cost you more.


  • Makes both coffee and espresso
  • Simple to use
  • Very functional


  • Design and appearance
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

The moment you come across the Delonghi combination coffee and espresso machine for the first time, the size will surprise you. This machine isn’t compact as it stands at12.79 In, 11.02 wide and 14.52 deep.

In truth, this machine will take up a lot of space when placed on the counter, but it can fit under your cabinet easily.

The reason it’s this big is not farfetched as it is basically two distinct machines merged into one. The black and silver casing stands out and the buttons are shiny and easily operable.

Ease of Use​

Apart from quickly washing the carafe and removable parts of the brewer before first use, the only thing left to setup was the clock’s setting. The clock doesn’t function if the power of coffee maker goes off or it is unplugged.


This coffee maker is a fifteen bar machine which implies that it uses about fifteen pressure bars. One thing that we were worried about was the quality of the espresso but the machine did not disappoint.

De’longhi BCO430BM comes with 2 mind-blowing features. Beside delicious coffee, it can also create espresso.

Cleaning and Maintenance​

This requires extra effort when compared to other brands, but it’s absolutely worth it. Due to the fact that the Combination coffee maker functions in two ways, you’ll need to do more regarding maintenance – but it’s quite simple.

When it comes to cleaning the espresso side, make sure you remove the cappuccino nozzle and clean it together with the steam spout. This should be doneimmediately after each use.

Try as much as you can to make sure every milk residue is removed from the device.The device should be maintained routinely, and the exterior can be wiped as neededwith a damp cloth.

The same goes for the drip tray, boiler outlet, filter holder, water tank, and carafe.They should be removed and cleaned as needed.

Final verdict

The Delonghi combination is neither pretty nor ugly. However, it replaces aesthetics for functionality and it is as modern as it can get. The drip coffee’s handle that is used to open the filter drawer is a little too big than needed – on the other hand, this gives it a sturdy appearance.

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