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Derma Sciences Improved Medihoney Wound Gel Review: Best For Burns and Surgery

This is a leading product for wound care that helps in moisturizing areas to promote wound healing. This gel also cleanses and stabilizes burn and wound sites.

Derma Sciences Improved Medihoney Wound Gel

Derma Sciences Improved Medihoney Wound Gel

A product that works best for cleansing and healing wounds and burns, the Medihoney gel helps you deal with up to second-degree burns alongside wounds due to trauma and surgery.

  • Brand: Medihoney
  • Product Number: 31805
  • Skin Type: Wounded


This is a safe and effective gel that not only reduces the appearance of keloids, hypertrophic, and surgery scars but also enhances the overall quality of skin with its hydrating and anti-aging abilities. Because of this, this is an excellent choice for lightening scars, although it’s not as absorbent.


  • Organic and safe
  • Cleanses wounds
  • Keeps the wound environment moist
  • Non-toxic


  • Small size
Value for money

The details

Suppose you are looking for an effective product to aid in your wound healing process. May it be from burns and other accidents, then the Medihoney Wound and Burn gel might be perfect for you.

It assists in the body’s natural healing process by keeping the environment moist and clean and speeds up the process.

  • Effectiveness

The MediHoney dressing keeps the wound’s environment moist. Because of this, the body is allowed to perform its healing process smoothly without any hindrances.

In addition, a chronic wound will still struggle to heal if incorporated with high pH levels that run from 7.15 to 8.84.

So, fortunately, the MediHoney has a low pH level of only 3.5-4.5, which keeps the healing process going. This makes it effective for speeding up the healing process of burns and surgical wounds.

  • Ingredients quality

The MediHoney Gel is made out of 20% natural gelling agents and 80% Leptosperium honey, a medical-grade ingredient specifically for managing burns and wounds. Because of this component, it allows wounds to heal faster compared to other dressings found on the market.

  • Safety

The ingredients used in this product are non-toxic, latex-free, sterile, and overall safe. Therefore, it’s generally safe for use by everyone. However, this product is unsuitable for those sensitive to honey and other components present in the MediHoney Gel.

  • Value for money

Overall, the MediHoney Gel is worth your money if we base it on the effectiveness and quality of ingredients. After all, everything is made of high-quality ingredients that make it more effective than others.

Moreover, it has received excellent customer feedback. However, the size of the product can be too small for some people.

Final verdict

Overall, the MediHoney Wound and Burn Gel is an excellent product for patients who struggle with chronic wounds and burns.

This is because it speeds up the healing process by eliminating any component that hinders the process. However, it’s also important to note the proper ways to use the product to optimize its effects.

In addition, this is best in dealing with diabetic foot ulcers, first and second-degree burns, surgical and traumatic wounds, and sores. On the other hand, this would be unsuitable for some instances, such as third-degree burns, heavy bleeding, and patients who are sensitive to honey and other ingredients found in the said product. Lastly, the product is small in size, so you would need to purchase more than one if you need to apply it regularly.

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