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CYB Face Shield Review: Best with a Cap

It is a cotton baseball cap that has a detachable shield to protect you from dirt, germs as well as the sun. This face shield is excellent for the protection it offers. But what makes it the best is its sleek style.

Detachable Black Full Face Hat

Detachable Black Full Face Hat

The product is certainly something that demands attention because of its novel design. Connecting the face shield to a baseball cap makes it not only comfortable but also stylish.

  • Brand: CYB
  • Product Number: B086YJWPB9
  • Material: 100% Cotton


A highly functional product that doubles as a good quality baseball cap and a face shield.


  • Comfort
  • Adjustable
  • 100% Cotton


  • Flimsy plastic shield
Value for money

The details

This face shield is a unique take on the traditional face shields. Its focus on style can be a plus point if you are looking for protection and style. The 100% cotton baseball cap is linked with the face shield using button enclosures. It offers dual features of style and protection.


The baseball cap face shield has a one size fits all design. Thus, it is unisex, and any adult can wear it no matter their age/ gender.


It offers dual protection by way of the baseball cap and the face shield. The cap is a safeguard on the outside as well as the inside. Add to that the protective barrier of the face shield. You are safe from foreign particles, dust, germs, and any other disease carriers no matter where you go, be it a supermarket, park, college, etc.


Instead of a cushioned headgear, this face shield uses a cap. A baseball cap is something we all wear. And thus, you can rest assured that this face shield is comfortable when it comes to the headgear part. Now, on to the face shield: it provides ample breathing space and ensures that you do not feel suffocated when you wear glasses. It works as an excellent shield against harmful UV rays.


From a cost perspective, this shield is a great choice, given that protection is done in style. Reiterating this face shield’s style quotient, the baseball cap that connects to the face shield acts as a chic bulwark. 

Final verdict

Build your style quotient with this face shield. It is the ultimate bulwark against UV rays, wind, viruses, germs, etc. A reliable 100% cotton baseball cap acts as a wonderful headgear and ensures use even after the face shield is not used. In conclusion, this dapper guard in the pandemic might be just your new friend.

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