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Disney Plus Streaming Service Review: Best for Kids

OwlRatings’ best service for family TV shows. Affordable, great content for adults and kids, and can stream hallmark shows in 4K UHD.

Disney Plus streaming service

Disney Plus streaming service

Its ability to stream content on four devices without upgrading to a higher plan stands out. By contrast, you’d need to subscribe to Netflix Premium plan to stream content on four devices.

  • Brand: Disney Plus
  • Live TV: No
  • Founded: 2019


Disney+ controls a decent number of shows from Star Wars to Marvel to the popular Simpsons series. And at a mere $7 monthly subscription, it’s among the cheapest streaming services.


  • 4K UHD video streaming
  • Affordable
  • Can support up to four devices without subscribing to a premium plan


  • Few original programs
Streaming speed
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Disney Plus was launched in November 2019, making it the newest kid on the block. The company got off to a rough start having faced technical difficulties on the launch date. Thousands of subscribers couldn’t watch the long-awaited Avengers and the Mandalorian on the launch day.

Also, the streaming service had limited coverage as it was available in the US, Canada, France, and Germany. However, it seems to have recovered from the setback, reporting up to ten million subscribers on the Launch Day.

Disney Plus may not have a diverse library of films like Netflix, but it has certainly grown since it was launched. It’s the exclusive home of Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar movies and has a wide range of family-friendly films.

Streaming speed

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you need 5 Mbps to stream HD quality videos and 25 Mbps for Ultra HD or 4K quality videos. If your internet streams have less speed, consider downloading the shows overnight and watching them the next day.

Apart from the streaming speed, the type of internet connection affects the streaming speed. Wi-Fi connectivity, for example, provides enough speed for streaming SD quality videos. If using a mobile device to stream, ensure it has a 4G or 3G connection for a stable signal.

However, 3G connection can only download low-quality videos and may cause stutters when streaming. Sometimes, the device provides a stable internet connection, but you may experience some buffering. As such, it’s important to perform a speed test before streaming to understand what you’re getting.

Ease of use

Disney Plus’ user interface is almost similar to Hulu’s. The top of the home screen has a web-like carousel showing its biggest hits. Its popular properties (Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and National Geographic) have static icons making it easy to peruse the latest shows.

The interface is tailored to adapt to low-powered devices like USB sticks, but we realized it displayed differently in all the devices we tried. Its overall design is tile-heavy, with rows of icons arranged according to the genre.

The left part of the screen has a Netflix-like sidebar for searching for content. However, we still found it difficult to find some popular shows as most of them remain hidden. For example, you may not know Disney Plus hosts The Muppets unless you search it by name.


In contrast to Apple TV Plus’ meager selection of nine shows, Disney + hit the ground running. The first day it launched Disney+ broadcasted 7500 TV shows and 500 movies. There are a ton of Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars films too. You’ll also enjoy 30 seasons of The Simpsons and a few documentaries, including the famous National Geographic.

And given Disney’s experience in showcasing classics, you’re bound to find the Herbies series, Bedknobs, and Broomsticks, and the Flight of the Navigator. If your formative years were in the late 90s, you’d be happy to find all the Disney Channel Original Movies too.

Most of these shows are kid-friendly, which explains Disney Plus lack of strict parental controls. Typical parental controls for a streaming service restrict kids to watching specific content based on their age and require them to enter a code to watch the content.

Well, Disney+ has all such features, but kids don’t need a PIN code to access the account. Once the account is set up, kids can open the app and choose whichever profile they want. The only downside is that you can only view some films like The Simpsons on widescreen.


Disney+ is the perfect definition of an affordable and valuable streaming service. At a mere $ 6.99 per month, you can stream lots of content. While the company plans to increase the subscription to $7.99 from March 2021, it’s still on the lower end range of streaming service prices.

What’s more, its ability to provide most of the 4K video quality content at this price range is a bonus. Netflix reserves Ultra HD image resolution for premium plan subscribers in stark contrast, which costs a whopping $15.99.

Final verdict

If you’re a Star Wars, Pixar, or Marvel fan, Disney+ is worth subscribing. The same goes for parents looking for kid-friendly content that includes a mixture of TV Shows, comedy, and movies. However, its meager selection of original programs may be a bummer for fans looking for such content.

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