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DNA My Dog Canine Genetic Age Test Dog DNA Kit Review: Best for DNA & Genetic Age Test

Apart from identifying a dog’s DNA, the test kit can determine his genetic age. It’s important when you want to control the ageing process by making dietary changes.

DNA My Dog Test

DNA My Dog Test

This product's ability to determine a dog’s age accurately stands out.

  • Brand: DNA My Dog
  • Product Number: 100-3-PLY
  • Packs: one


This dog DNA test kit isn't your average product. It shows your dog’s genetic composition and estimates his age using your dog’s telomere measurement.


  • Shows each breed’s temperament
  • Accurate breed
  • Age determination


  • Doesn’t show the genetic markers used
Detectable breeds
Genetic disease detection
Turnaround time
Value for money

The details

Most dogs have been bred selectively for specific traits hence more likely to develop genetic disorders resident in donor dogs. Performing a dog DNA test is critical to finding out infections your dog is likely to develop beforehand and administer relevant medications or vaccines.

Detectable breeds

This dog DNA test results not only outlines your dog’s breeds and their percentage but also explains their temperaments. Such information helps you know how to deal with your dog, e.g., employ obedience, socialization, and other kinds of training.         

Genetic disease detection

If you just adopted or got your pup from a rescue center, it’s important to determine if he’s prone to diseases early. With this test, you get acquainted with potential health issues for each breed allowing you to administer respective vaccines.

Turnaround time

We couldn’t determine this test’s turnaround time with certainty. However, many customers cited receiving the results in about two weeks. What’s more, you can track progress by creating an online account with the company.

Value for money

The test kit provides more value for this price point. Its ability to provide your dog’s genetic composition and determine its age with certainty is a bonus. The only bummer is that it doesn’t highlight the genetic markers used or the number of genetic conditions it can identify.

Final verdict

This test is a solid buy for dog owners who want to find out their pet’s age. It’s difficult to determine the age of a dog rescued from the shelters hence the need for genetic age tests. Genetic age tests predict a dog’s age by analyzing their cells hence more accurate than chronological age tests.

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