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DNA MY Dog DNA Testing Kit Review: Best Affordable

DNA My Dog is a good pick if looking for an affordable testing kit for testing many dogs. What’s more, you get the results after a week.

DNA MY Dog DNA Testing Kit

DNA MY Dog DNA Testing Kit

This test kit costs a little over fifty bucks; pretty affordable for a dog DNA test kit. Also, its turnaround time is relatively short compared to other dog DNA test kits on the list.

  • Brand: Dna My Dog
  • Product Number: B018OFU3YA
  • Packs: One


This is a good budget pick for dog owners who want to determine their dog’s genetic composition. It’s also an excellent alternative for serial dog rescuers.


  • Affordable
  • Short turnaround time
  • Results are easy to read


  • The information provided is too basic
Detectable breeds
Genetic disease detection
Turnaround time
Value for money

The details

The test is a little basic for a dog DNA testing kit. It comes in an envelope that has two long cotton swabs that are used to collect the sample from your dog’s gums. Allow them to dry and pack them in the envelope for mailing. You should get the results in a few weeks in PDF format.

Detectable breeds

DNA My Dog doesn’t indicate the number of breeds its testing kit can identify but once the sample is tested the company breaks down the results in levels. As such, if your dog’s dominant breed is Lab, it’s labeled as Level 1, the second dominant breed is level 2, and so on. Also, the company doesn’t show the number of markers it has tested but provides a genetic age for your pup by examining the length of the telomeres.

Genetic disease detection

The company merely outlines generic health conditions your dog is likely to develop as a result of its genetic composition.

Turnaround time

We found the turnaround time pretty short for a dog DNA test kit of this kind. While the company promises to deliver the test kit in two weeks, many customers receive results within a week. The company sends an email in PDF format.

Value for money

The testing kit is fairly priced for its features. Its inability to provide detailed information is, however, a bummer especially when showing the percentage of dominant breeds in a dog.

Final verdict

This dog DNA test kit is bare-bones. However, its reasonable price point and short turnaround time make it a solid buy for a dog owner looking for the bare minimum when testing a dog’s DNA. If looking for more detailed information, it’d help if you bought a pricier test kit from Embark or Wisdom Panel.

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