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Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier Review: Best Affordable

This dehumidifier is the easiest one to use since all you have to do is just hang it at a proper place. It doesn't produce any odor and is safe to use around pets. It is cordless so you don't have to indulge yourself in any confusing wiring pattern.

Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier

It is the smallest dehumidifier for household use!

  • Brand: Eva-Dry
  • Product Number: B000H0XFCS
  • Color: White Sand


This tiny dehumidifier is perfect to set up in kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and other places where humidity can destroy your essential belongings.


  • Small
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 100% cordless


  • It is quite small and inefficient!
Energy efficiency
Noise levels
Value for money

The details

It is the smallest dehumidifier you can buy for your home. It works efficiently in a 333 cubic feet area. This versatile device is extremely portable and renewable. You can use it in your closet, cars, cabinets, boats, and many other things. Silica gel beads absorb excess moisture from the air and you need to change within 20-30 days. That’s how it operates and dehumidifies.


This tiny dehumidifier performs exceptionally as per its capacity. The manufacturer is also providing a five-year warranty to assure pleasing results. That’s why thousands of buyers chose it and they are happily using it. This is true that it cannot dehumidify a large area, but it is perfect for small spaces.

Energy efficiency

Being a battery-powered dehumidifier, it saves a lot of money on power bills. You do not need removable batteries to run this machine. Just recharge the built-in battery and use it. This machine will extract small quantity of water from small areas efficiently.

Noise levels

It makes almost no sound when in operation. Turn it on whenever you are experiencing humidity in your car, it will immediately soak moisture from the air. You won’t even realize that something like a dehumidifier is running in your vehicle.

Value for money

This mini dehumidifier is extremely cheap and portable. Eva-Dry has designed it to offer a 5-year service. It will continue to dehumidify air in your space much longer. Suppose you experience any malfunction in this device, you can contact the manufacturer for a quick solution.

Final verdict

The Eva-Dry E-333 is the cheapest and smallest dehumidifier. It became popular as a closet, car, gym bag, and small space dehumidification machine. People have bought it and used it. They praise the performance of this tiny machine and recommend it to users who want such a small device. Try it if you want to get rid of humidity while driving your car.

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