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Evening Ritual Resurge Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Weight Loss Supplement for Seniors

Sleepy? Tired? Or perhaps both? Then here is a dietary supplement that may help you not only sleep better but also shed that unwanted weight along the way.

Evening Ritual Resurge Weight Loss Supplement

Evening Ritual Resurge Weight Loss Supplement

Targeted to help people who may have a slack metabolism due to aging, Resurge uses a potent blend of ingredients that help you experience a restful and deep sleep each night. This helps your body heal properly and shed those unwanted pounds keeping your metabolism active with every passing year. This is a unique way to approach weight loss yet manufacturers claim that no additional changes in diet and exercise are necessary which may make the deal sounds too good to be true.

  • Brand: Evening Ritual
  • Unit count: 120 count
  • Item form: Capsule


A weight loss supplement that improves sleep quality to help lose weight, Resurge is a one-of-a-kind product that helps you torch more calories when asleep. It contains natural and anti-aging components that boost an aging, sluggish metabolism.


  • Reduces cortisol levels in the body
  • Affordable price tag
  • Safe ingredients


  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women
  • Only available from the official website
Value for money

The details

Resurge promises effective weight loss without the need to go on a fad diet or engage in heavy-duty exercise. It merely asks you to continue taking the supplement for at least three months to see effective results that are gained by engaging in quality sleep. It helps the body restore itself naturally by enhancing the sleep cycle and activating metabolism.


Pairing good sleep with weight loss benefits, Resurge is best recommended for people who have a slow metabolism or suffer from sleep deprivation. Since both these problems amplify with age, we recommend Resurge as an excellent supplement for seniors.

The formula uses a combination of ingredients that help reduce stress and anxiousness resulting in improved relaxation which may assist individuals to fall asleep better. Many of the ingredients listed work better when combined together to have a positive effect.  

Manufacturers recommend it for the age demographic of 40 years and above as people who will benefit most from their product. It aims to improve sleep quality so that the digestive system and metabolic functions run coherently and properly.

Manufacturers recommend taking one serving of the supplement every evening, about an hour before going to bed. One serving consists of four capsules that are easy to take with a glass of water. For best results, it is recommended to use the product for three to six months to get the full results.


Working way more than a simple sleep formula, Resurge uses a unique list of ingredients that have relaxant and anxiolytic properties. Using sleep staples like melatonin, 5 HTP, and ashwagandha, this supplement promotes a natural sleep-wake cycle, shortens the period to fall asleep, and increases sleep duration.  

In addition, you can also find L-theanine, magnesium, and zinc to promote relaxation and experience deep, restorative sleep. L-theanine is sourced from tea leaves and boosts relaxation by improving serotonin and GABA levels which are calming chemicals in the brain. It also stimulates metabolism and enhances the sensation of satiety post-meals leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

Magnesium also helps maintain healthy levels of GABA that contribute to sleep quality. Zinc, when paired with magnesium, becomes an effective agent to help you sleep better and longer. Plus, both magnesium and zinc ensure that the body’s metabolism says optimized and can assist in restoring the digestive system.

Along with these sleep-promoting and relaxing ingredients, Resurge also uses fat-burning ingredients to complete its formula. The first of these is the amino acid arginine, which can jumpstart weight loss by initiating fat metabolism. It can also promote muscle development so while you burn off the fat, you replace it with healthy, lean muscle.

The next is lysine, another amino acid that is used in supplements to assist weight loss while improving energy levels.


Produced in the US, the manufacturers of Resurge comply fully with strict manufacturing criteria in an FDA-approved facility.

The product is third-party tested and 100% safe having a vegetarian and non-GMO composition. Customer reviews show that there have been no notable side effects associated with using this product.

Like other weight loss supplements, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, for people under the age of 18, or anyone with a medical condition causing them to weight gain.  

Value for money

Resurge is available for purchase at their official website to ensure that you are getting the real deal and not a fake. The product is reasonably priced where you can get one bottle for $49 containing 120 capsules to last you through the month at the recommended dose.

A 3-bottle set will give you each bottle priced at $39 and a 6-bottle set will give you each bottle priced at just $34 per bottle. Customers are required to pay a $12 shipping flat fee.  

Resurge offers good value for the money as the product is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final verdict

If you’ve constantly failed to lose weight despite following a healthy lifestyle then Resurge may be able to help you achieve your goals. Being a deep sleep and high support formula, it helps optimize the body’s metabolism while restoring sleep back to normal.

So, if you’re on the lookout for better quality sleep, want to shed excess weight, and are over the age of 40 struggling with excess weight, it might be worth a shot giving Resurge a try.

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