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eXuby Dog Shock Training Collar Review: Best for Small Dogs

OwlRatings selected this because it carries 3 training modes in addition to the vibration feature so you don't have to give a shock to your pet all the time. Like the pricey options, this one would also work for two pets at once. The rust-proof coating promises efficient longevity by keeping the rust attacks at bay.

eXuby 3 Modes

eXuby 3 Modes

The package comes with a training clicker, which helps the dog develop the desired behavior faster.

  • Brand: eXuby
  • Product Number: B01LP507HE
  • Material: Nylon


Finding a shock collar for a small dog can be daunting. Some collars come off lightweight and weak, while others are too heavy. The eXuby strikes a balance between the two providing a long-lasting solution for training a small dog.


  • It comes with a clicker
  • Affordable
  • Receiver and the remote can be charged simultaneously


  • Battery depletes rapidly
Wireless Range
Value for money

The details

Small dogs need special types of dog collars due to their small body mass. They should be light, narrow, and strong enough to withstand the dog’s pulling force. This dog collar from eXuby ticks all the boxes.


With the training clicker, you might not need to use the shock setting. The device condition’s the dog’s mind to expect a shock after the click. As such, he’s likely to stop the bad behavior to avoid the shock. The device also has an auto-protect mode to keep your dog safe during training.


The device has three training modes: sound, vibration, and shock. Vibrate, and shock settings have varying intensity levels of 1-100, allowing you to choose a suitable setting for your chihuahua.

Wireless range

The remote supports a wireless range of 1000 ft, which is pretty reasonable if you’re training your pet within close range.

Value for money

The device is reasonably priced for its function. The addition of a training clicker is a bonus for this price point.

Final verdict

The eXuby is a solid buy for small dogs. It can help you correct your dog’s bad behavior like chewing furniture, jumping, digging holes, and scratching. What’s more, you can recharge the receiver and the remote simultaneously, saving you time.

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