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Fila Memory Foam Shoes Review: Best For Workouts

These cross-training shoes have a strong grip due to their slip-resistant rubber soles which makes them perfect for workouts. These shoes have a memory sole midsole, leather upper, and breathable material which offer increased comfort and support.

Fila Memory Foam Shoes

Fila Memory Foam Shoes

Best sneakers to wear all day long!

  • Brand: Fila
  • Product Number: Memory Workshift-M
  • Type: Training Shoes


Fila has built these shoes to meet the occupational needs of millions of men, but users admire their support for cross-training exercises.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Durable, comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Quite affordable


  • Not completely slip-proof!
Value for money

The details

Fila is a well-known name in the sports equipment industry. It has designed shoes for all sorts of exercise. Its Memory Workshift-M shoes stand out as the best sneakers for work, hiking, trail running, and gym training. High-quality upper, durable outsole, and modern design make them highly sought-after footwear. That’s why you can spot thousands of men using these shoes in industries, gym, and also on the road!


Memory foam cushioning help these shoes in adopting to your comfort needs. Perfectly arched midsole improve comfort levels for flat footed people. Cushioned heels and toes work as impact-resistant portion of the shoes to enhance comfort levels.


Fila has blended synthetic material with leather to equip these shoes with more durable upper. These sneakers breathe to maintain the necessary air ventilation. High-quality solid rubber outsole provides superior grip to prevent slipping. Fila has tested these shoes for optimum performance. They emerged as a comforting choice for work and cross training.


You feel stable and confident when your shoes offer superior traction. Fila Memory Workshift-M sneakers provide traction necessary to walk and run on slippery surface with confidence. Durable outsole also protects your feet against sharp objects spread on the floor. Therefore, users rate them as one of the finest shoes to protect feet.

Value for money

Fila has become a world-famous brand because it provides top-rated products at reasonable prices. This brand also offers warranty on these shoes to assure exceptional build quality and long-term service. Therefore, we have listed them among the best cross training shoes for men!

Final verdict

Fila Memory Workshift-M sneakers are available in two colors. These aren’t the most stylish cross training shoes! We chose these sneakers because you can wear them all day long without experiencing any stress or pain in your feet. That’s why these shoes got best ratings from buyers and you must shortlist them!

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