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Find My Pet Dog DNA Testing Kit Review: Best User-Friendly

This testing kit makes it pretty easy to collect samples for DNA testing. Simply swipe the swab tips on his cheeks to collect a sample.

Find My Pet Dog DNA Testing Kit

Find My Pet Dog DNA Testing Kit

This kit’s ability to identify 100% of AKC certified dog breeds gives you confidence in this kit’s ability to deliver accurate results.

  • Brand: Find My Pet DNA
  • Product Number: B07HSL1Y44
  • Packs: 2 pack


The test kit is ideal for dog owners who are not looking for detailed genetic information about their dogs. As such a vague description about the breeds making up their dog’s genetic composition should suffice.


  • Affordable
  • User-friendly


  • Long turnaround time
Detectable breeds
Genetic disease detection
Turnaround time
Value for money

The details

A dog DNA test shouldn’t be complicated. A simple swipe on your dog’s mouth should be enough to collect samples for DNA testing. Find My Pet dog DNA test is one such kit that allows you to collect the sample in less than a minute and mail it for analysis.

Detectable breeds

Find My Pet dog DNA test kit has a large database identifying most of the dog breeds certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC). It doesn’t provide the exact number of breeds on its database but using AKC breeds as a reference is proof that it tests a considerable number. The kit tests a dog’s genetic roots as far as their great grandparents.

Genetic disease detection

Apart from breed identification, the kit test shows if the dog is predisposed to specific ailments. However, the company doesn’t indicate the number of health conditions it tests but touts its ability to determine a dog’s personality traits. 

Turnaround time

The turnaround time for this kit’s results is relatively long compared to other DNA tests we’ve tested. This is because the delivery time for the samples is also pretty long, taking 7-10 days. As such, you need to wait up to four weeks to get the results.

Value for money

The kit is a little pricey for a product that barely provides detailed results. It’s almost similar to comparable kits like the DNA My Dog test kit.

Final verdict

Find My Pet is a good buy if looking for a cheap, easy to use dog DNA test kit. Its lack of depth means you won’t get as many details as you’d if you purchased a pricier kit. We also found it wasn’t as accurate as other dog DNA test kits.

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