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Finish Jet-dry Dishwasher Detergent Review: Best Rinse Aid

This is the best dishwasher detergent for people who are rather touchy about their glass plates, cups, and bowls. Its formula promises that the dishes would leave the dishwasher looking shinier and more sparkly than ever before.

Finish Jet-dry Rinse Agent dishwasher detergent

Finish Jet-dry Rinse Agent dishwasher detergent

The product is also equipped with a glass protection ingredient to keep your glasses, cups, and plates shinier.

  • Brand: Finish
  • Product Number: B07RN6TG1J
  • Item Volume: 32 Fluid Ounces


With its three power actions, the product not only leaves your dishes dry and shiny but also breaks down tough messes. When used along with a dishwasher detergent, it leaves your dishwasher amazingly clean.


  • Leaves glasses sparkling
  • Has a glass protection ingredient too
  • Removes film


  • May cause some irritation on the skin
Residue removal
Value for money

The details

Initially, rinse aids were associated with coating dishes in gunk and hurting the environment. A close look at the products and they’ve proved a beneficial aspect of cleaning dishes. The Finish Jet-dry Rinse Agent is an excellent example used to remove residue and spots, giving your dishes a brilliant shine.

Cleaning power

The premise of buying a rinsing aid is to reduce surface tension causing water droplets to slide off surfaces instead of balling up. The Finish Jet-Dry agent does an excellent job thanks to its non-ionic surfactant, alcohol ethoxylate. It reduces the spots, and you only need to load up the dishwasher once a month to reap the benefits


The product doesn’t leave any residue on your utensils. Keep in mind; it’s merely a rinsing agent, not a cleaning product.

Additional cleaning features

Apart from its rinsing capabilities, it’s equipped with a glass protection ingredient that leaves your dishes drier and shinier.

Value for money

The product works as a rinsing agent and removes stubborn leftover food, leaving your dishes sparkling clean. This additional capability enhances its value for this price point.

Final verdict

Rinse aids are a great addition to your dishwashing solutions if you use gels or powders. The Finish Jet-dry Rinse Agent helps dry dishes fast and prevent spots from building up, leaving your glasses and plates sparkling.

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