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Flittor Dog Shock Training Collar Review: Best Affordable

The remote control of this collar can send signals up to 1000 ft. which means you can rely on it to take your dog on long walks. The dual-channel design lets you store separate settings for the two dogs so this depicts its versatility.

Flittor Dog Shock Training Collar

Flittor Dog Shock Training Collar

The collar has a multi-dog training system and memory that allows you to train two dogs simultaneously using one remote transmitter.

  • Brand: Flittor
  • Product Number: DT101
  • Material: Nylon


The Flittor dog shock collar does a pretty decent job at taming a dog’s bad behavior. The varying intensity settings enable pet owners to adjust its effects, and the integration of a security keypad lock keeps your pet safe from unintentional manipulation.


  • Equipped with a safety feature
  • Affordable
  • Can train two dogs at the same time


  • Can lag if operating the remote from afar
Wireless Range
Value for money

The details

If shopping on a budget but don’t want to skimp on function, this e-collar is a suitable buy. With up to three training modes, you no longer need to bribe your pet with treats to correct his behavior. Here are more features.


The device is designed to correct bad dog behavior, including unnecessary barking, aggression, peeing, or sitting in the wrong place. Also, the collar receiver has an IPX67 rating allowing your pet to perform as many outdoor activities as possible.


With varying intensity levels, you can adjust the settings based on your pet’s response. The vibration (1-8) and shock (1-16) training modes have varying intensity levels. The lowest shock level is nearly undetectable, but as you increase the intensity, the device produces an uncomfortable zap. The highest level produces a continuous zap, which is pretty irritating.

Wireless range

Since you can control the device 1000 feet away, it’s easy to train your pet indoors and outdoors. However, the further your dog is from you, the longer it takes for the collar to respond. It takes a few seconds to produce the desired effect on your pet.

Value for money

Finding an affordable dog training collar that’s still effective can be challenging. Flittor proves it’s possible with this budget-friendly device that’s a little over twenty bucks.

Final verdict

This dog training collar is a solid buy for pet owners shopping on a tight budget. It has all the essential features a pet owner would look for when looking for one and is suitable for small, medium-sized, and large dogs. What’s more, adding a safety keypad lock feature at this price point is a bonus.

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