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FMovies – Free Movie Streaming Alternatives

Try these legal movie and TV series streaming alternatives to stream the latest content in full HD.

We all love free stuff, whether it’s a giveaway or a discount or anything we can get without wasting a single dime. But is this strategy good for online streaming as well? If your answer is yes, think again!

In today’s world, everything is on the internet, easily available with a single click. However, many people are misusing this advantage for their personal gain. They do this by copying original content and posting it on the internet for users to get it for free (like FMovies)

  • How are they doing it?
  • What could be the consequences of such actions?

If these are the questions that are in your mind, then you are on the right track! The answers are about to make you smarter regarding your online streaming choices.

What is FMovies?

FMovies is a website that appears to be an upright and all-rights-reserved sort of legally working online streaming site. You must have heard about it, one way or the other. It allows numerous movies and online web series downloads for free.

The perks include no registration, no subscription, nothing. Just join and start your video streaming. Tempting, right? But don’t let the word ‘free’ take over your judgment yet.

According to TorrentFreak, FMovies was launched in 2016. In December 2016, Google blocked it from its searches.

From that day on, the FMovies site was blacklisted as a copyright infringement bay. Not only that, but the Filipino media and entertainment group ABS-CBN filed a lawsuit against FMovies in October 2017 and fined them $210,000 after winning that case.

Since then, many big names in the global industry have sued FMovies several times for piracy concerns.

How are FMovies doing it?

They host a domain with a proxy link, which will automatically lead you to their download page. To keep their servers safe, they use VPN servers to not get under the government’s radar.

They run their illegal business in the flow by instantly copying any trendy or online content (movie/video) and post it on their FMovies hosting domains, where people can stream it for free.

Digital hazards of using a pirated-site could lead to:

  • Virus or malware getting inside your laptop, iPad, or even smartphones
  • Personal data loss by clicking on pop-up ads or other buttons

Bottom line: adapt legal streaming routes

The consequences of such an act could be severe. It’s a punishable crime under the law, which could lead to jail time and a hefty fine.

So endorse legal manners of online streaming by buying licensed products with a manual or instructional hardcopy for guarantee certification.

Don’t visit such maliciously notorious sites. Instead, promote legal-content by streaming through official sites. Any activity which can result in a lawsuit, serious fines, and losing your priceless data is simply not worth getting into in the first place.

Best Legal Movie Streaming Alternative

The good news is that you can stream full movies & TV shows using one of these top 10 best streaming services we reviewed. They’re cheap and some even offer a free trial.

We highly recommend to also use one of these 10 best vpn services we reviewed. VPNs can give you full privacy and improve your safety by changing your location.

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