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Free PSN Codes Generator – Scam Alert!

Free PSN codes generator: wondering whether free PSN codes generators truly exist? Check out our post to find out.

PlayStation Network codes, or psn codes in short, is just a fancy name for the gift vouchers that can be redeemed in the PlayStation store. It’s almost like a currency that lets you purchase items like game add-ons, downloadable games or even pay for the PlayStation Plus subscription.

Once you purchase a PlayStation gift card, the retailer emails you a code, which is what you’ll redeem to get your item of interest from the PlayStation store.

Sounds simple, right? Well, not quite. PSN gift cards can be purchased from a number of online retailers, including retail giants like Walmart and Best Buy.

Unfortunately, this has paved the way for unscrupulous merchants looking to make quick money by swindling buyers. In this article, we’ll discuss free psn codes scam and offer a few tips to help you avoid falling prey to one.

How free PSN codes scam works

You’re interested in purchasing some downloadable content from the PlayStation store. So you start searching for an online retailer, who sells the network’s gift cards.

Interestingly, you come across a merchant who is offering the gift vouchers for free. But, there’s a catch, you have to provide some personal details before you can receive the PSN codes in your email.

If you’ve come across such a retailer, you should steer clear of them. There is nothing like free PSN codes or a free PSN code generator.

Essentially, the seller has no intention of giving you any gift cards. Their end goal is to get a hold of your account’s details, which they can then use to their benefit.

By sharing such intricate details, you’re increasing the risk of having your account compromised, or worse, being signed up for services that you’re not interested in.

To avoid this, be very careful when choosing the retailer to buy your PSN gift vouchers from.

Remember, scammers will try and make their websites look as legit as possible. In fact, they may even have the word “PlayStation” in their URL.

But if you look keenly and realize that the site is not what it was advertised to be, avoid it completely. Furthermore, you should never provide any personal details on these retail sites.

Tips to protect yourself when buying PSN codes

  • Buy only from trusted companies – even though they may be pricier, your safest bet is to buy the PSN gift cards from renowned companies like Target, Amazon or Walmart.
  • Inspect the card before paying – if purchasing the gift card in person, then remember to inspect the packaging. Watch out for red flags like a card’s package that’s been tampered with or one that has its PIN exposed.
  • Keep your receipt – this is proof that you’re the rightful owner of the card in case anything goes wrong. If you have a tendency of losing things, then at least take a picture of the receipt.

There’s a rising number of imposters trying to sell PSN gift cards. These sellers claim that they’re offering the PSN codes for free. The truth is, there’s no such thing as free PSN codes or a PSN code generator. Any retailer offering either one of these is simply trying to swindle money from you, so avoid them.

If you really need to buy these gift cards, then deal with reputable companies like Walmart or Best Buy. Also, do not enter any personal information, especially if the retailer’s website looks suspicious.

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