Frequently Asked Questions

What is OwlRatings?

OwlRatings is a review website that specializes in shopping products. It’s made for shoppers, by shoppers. We focus on unbiased reviews to help you and not the manufacturers. Our journalists review products, test them, consider consumer reviews & ratings and take expert advice before choosing which products are the best.

Why trust us?

We don’t accept sponsored products, we are not paid to review certain products or paid to recommend certain products above others. We simply choose what we believe is the best products for you. We select the products independtly based on our research and testing, NOT because the manufacturers paid us to do so. We make a small affiliate fee if you purchase products through our links from the shop, but we are NOT paid by a certain brand or manufacturer of a specific product.

Who writes the reviews?

Experienced journalists who cooperate with our editorial team. They take advice and form their opinions with the help of experts, consumer reviews, professional reviews and testing.

Are the reviews up-to-date?

Yes, we keep up-to-date with new product models and the products we recommend to make sure they stay the best. If they don’t, we’ll remove them and replace them with better alternatives.

What do you do with products after you finished testing them?

In some cases we return them to the shop if they offer a money-back guarantee. Otherwise we make giveaways on our social media, so make sure to follow us if you wish to win them.

I disagree with a product your opinion of a product you reviewed. What can I do?

We would love to hear your opinion as we use consumer opinions to make our reviews and update them to make sure we always provide reviews of the best products. Please contact us and tell us the name of the product and your opinion of it.

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