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FuboTV Streaming Service Review: Best Premium

FuboTV is our best pick for a multichannel streaming service. You’ll get a user-friendly interface, and tons of live sports and entertainment channels.

FuboTV streaming service

FuboTV streaming service

It’s best at offering viewers a complete lineup of channels. It’s also great for streaming sports, some in 4K resolution.

  • Brand: FuboTV
  • Live TV: Yes
  • Founded: 2015


FuboTV is among the more expensive streaming services. But, it has a huge number of channels (more than 100), and gives you the freedom to create multiple profiles on a single subscription.


  • Offers a nice blend of entertainment networks and live news
  • 6 profiles allowed under one subscription
  • Tons of channels
  • Seamless interface
  • Some 4K content


  • The packages and add-ons are expensive
  • Most live streams are only available in 720p resolution
Streaming speed
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

FuboTV was launched back in 2015. At the time, it was an all-sports streaming service. But as time went by, the platform added more channels in niches other than sports. It’s since grown from being a sports-heavy platform to becoming one of the biggest multi-channel streaming services. So if you like to stream content from a variety of channels, you will love the upgraded FuboTV.

Streaming Speed

The internet speed you’re required to have when streaming on FuboTV primarily depends on the content you’ll be watching.

For instance, if you’re watching 480p videos, then a speed of 3 Mbps is enough. For 780p, which is suitable for watching on large tablets and streaming gadgets like Roku, a speed of 7 Mbps is necessary. For 1080p content, use 10 Mbps, and 25 Mbps for 4K content.

Keep in mind that the higher number of devices you’re streaming from, the more reliable and higher the speed needs to be. Let’s say you have three 720p gadgets that you’re streaming from, then a stable internet speed of at least 21 Mbps is necessary.

Ease of Use

Given the high price tag of this streaming service, you’d expect it to have an intuitive- if not flawless- interface. Thankfully, FuboTV doesn’t disappoint. Its interface looks sleek and it’s well-designed. The black, gray and white color scheme works perfectly, and looks pretty impressive too.

The menu is categorized into just a few tabs, although the layout differs slightly depending on the device you’re using. If you’re launching the service on the web, you’ll see about five tabs, each of which is further split into several features to help you find content easily. There’s the Home tab, Guide tab, Sports tab as well as the Shows and Movies tab.

Another feature that sets FuboTV apart entails its search functionality. It displays possible results as you continue typing, making it easier to find the show you’re searching for.

The fact that FuboTV allows multiple users to stream at the same time is another selling point. Specifically, it permits up to three simultaneous streams on the Family package and you’re free to add more streams at extra fee. And like Netflix, multiple users (a maximum of 6) can create a profile on just one subscription.


The channel lineup of this streaming service explains why this streaming service is considered high-end. It includes nearly all of the local networks, not to mention, it displays content from top cable brands too.

Just last year, the company incorporated several of Disney-owned channels, such as ABC, and ESPN. It also showcases content from Viacom-owned networks like Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central.

The fact that users can pay for other add-ons is the icing on the cake. If nothing piques your interest on its current line-up- which is unlikely to happen- you can pay a small fee to get Showtime, AMC Premiere, Latino Plus, Sports Plus, and more.


FuboTV offers two main packages: Family and Elite.

For Family, which is the basic plan, you’ll need to pay $64.99 each month to stream. The good news is, you’ll have over 100 channels to pick from. This includes the recently added Disney-owned channels.

With the Elite, which sets you back $79.99 every month, you’ll get all the content offered under the Family package. On top of that, you’ll get 45 extra sports and entertainment channels obtained from the Fubo Extra package.

Final verdict

If you’re switching from cable so you can enjoy a wider variety of channels, or are a diehard fan of sports, FuboTV is the ideal streaming service. It offers multiple channels, some of which showcase content in 4K resolution.

It also has a pretty intuitive interface, and numerous add-ons. That said, it’s certainly more expensive than other streaming services, so keep this in mind before you commit to it.

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