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G4Free 54/62/68 Inch Golf Umbrella Review: Best Golf

Its UV protection feature keeps golfers from developing ugly sunburns during long golfing sessions. And it's lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around along with your golf clubs.

G4Free Golf umbrella

G4Free Golf umbrella

Its double-canopy design stands out. Golf courses can be pretty windy, and having a windproof umbrella makes it more bearable.

  • Brand: G4Free
  • Asin: B07H5JY9NL
  • Frame material: Fiberglass


The umbrella is ideal for golfers and people living in extremely windy areas. It has a sturdy frame that doesn't break easily and has a lightweight and water-resistant fabric equipped with UV protection.


  • Double-canopy design
  • UV protection
  • Available in different colors


  • Extremely long even when folded
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

Keeping players and equipment dry golf umbrellas makes players visible on golf courses, which is particularly useful during overcast mornings. The G4Free is particularly handy as it comes in different colors and has quality construction that can withstand golf courses’ rigors.


The umbrella features a combination of lightweight fiberglass and stainless steel to create an extremely sturdy frame. Its canopy is made from a water-resistant 210T pongee fabric and a light silk material with an SPF of 50+. This means the umbrella not only keeps you dry but also protects you from UV rays. Also, the canopy has a double-design that makes the umbrella completely windproof. When it’s windy, the canopy creates a vent where wind can pass through, making it easy to handle the umbrella during harsh conditions.

Opening mechanism

The umbrella is equipped with an automatic opening function that ensures there’s no delay when using it. A simple press of the button on the handle should get the umbrella wide open.


The G4Free umbrella is certainly a heavy-duty umbrella. It stretches up to 68 inches allowing even the tallest golfers to use it. You can also shorten it to 54 or 62 inches based on your preference.

Value for money

The umbrella provides excellent value for its price point. The heavy-duty construction, double canopy design, and UV protection should make any golfer’s experience more enjoyable.

Final verdict

Any avid golfer would like a heavy-duty umbrella at hand to help them withstand the hot and windy weather. The G4Free is a solid buy, thanks to its heavy-duty construction and canopy that comes equipped with UV protection. Its adjustable length is pretty handy as both short and tall golfers can use it. However, when folded, it remains about 40 inches long, so if you need a more compact option, the G4Free might not be a good fit.

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