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Garden of Life Flax & Chia Blend Omega-3 Supplement Review: Best Organic

Looking for a supplement free from modifications? Try our organic choice for Omega-3 supplement.

Garden of Life Flax & Chia Blend Omega-3 Supplement

Garden of Life Flax & Chia Blend Omega-3 Supplement

This product is best for people looking for 100% Organic products.

  • Brand: Garden of Life
  • Model: 102098
  • Allergen information: Gluten free


Garden of Life provides a fully organic, plant-based Omega-3 supplement for the responsible consumer. They source omega-3 from milled flaxseeds and black Chia seeds. In addition to Omega-3 it also provides other necessary nutrients. Their product is completely organic and free of genetic modification. This makes them a great vegan option. These supplements help with digestion, heart and breast health, and hot flashes.


  • Certified product and multi-nutrient
  • Easy to add in daily diet
  • No artificial additives


Value for money

The details

Garden of Life has taken the initiative to provide unaltered dietary supplements that provide a healthy diet to the body. In a world where everything is artificially enhanced, these supplements keep it natural. Garden of Life Omega-3 supplements provide 2 grams of Omega-3, which is more than enough. Additionally, 4g of fiber and 3g of proteins are also included in these supplements, because they are plant-based. Due to their clean and sustainable methods of producing this product they are better for your health in more than one way. These supplements will help maintain a healthy heart, breasts, brain, and digestive tract.


The product is plant-based so you need not worry about getting a fish flavored mouth or disgusting after-burps. Instead, you get a flavor neutral product. You can add this to your smoothies, yogurt, muffin, or even water and not feel an overpowering taste.

Health benefits

While it provides a hefty amount of Omega-3, it does not stop there. It provides you with essential fiber and protein that helps your body function normally. That too with unadulterated sources. It is a good antidote for those suffering from frequent constipation. The plant-based Omega-3 is also helpful in maintaining cardiac health.

Easy to swallow

The seeds are ground-up into a powder. The user will have to add them to a food item such as yogurt, shakes, or even cereal. It is easy to use and swallow.


For this quality, nutrition content, and health benefits, we believe that the price is a steal. It is a budget friendly product which does not compromise on quality.

Final verdict

The Garden of Life Omega-3 Supplements are a wonderful organic and GMO-free choice for the more conscious consumer. It provides multiple nutrients which ultimately boost the overall health of a person. We highly recommend it.

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