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Garden of Life Protein Powder Review: Best for Weight Loss

It comes in several flavors like chocolate, coffee, and vanilla that gives it an edge over the others. It carries main proteins and tons of plant-based minerals that may ten out to be a healthy addition to your life.

Garden of Life Powder For Weight Loss

Garden of Life Powder For Weight Loss

This high protein shake is best at fighting cravings. It acts as a meal replacement.

  • Brand: Garden of Life
  • Model: 0658010117425
  • Flavor: Chocolate


It is a high protein drink that includes all clinically studied ingredients to fight cravings and burn fat.


  • Boosts energy
  • Satisfies hunger
  • Burns fat naturally
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar level
  • Fight cravings


  • Causes some uncomfortable digestive symptoms
Easy to swallow
Value for money

The details

Garden of Life Raw Organic Fit powder is a plant-based organic and raw high-protein powder specifically for weight loss. It is a combination of 13 raw sprouted organic ingredients rather than artificial constituents. It is not similar to other proteins because it contains many clinically certified ingredients.
This formula enhances your diet and exercise program allowing you to lose weight and restore balance. This protein shake fights your cravings and acts as a meal replacement.


The principal ingredients of Garden Life Raw Fit are raw certified organic protein, Svetol, green coffee bean extract, Organic Cinnamon, Raw Chromium, and Raw Organic Ashwagandha.
All these organic ingredients are clinically studied and help in burning fat and suppressing appetite. Among all, brown rice is the only ingredient that needs your attention and concern. Studies show that they contain traces of heavy metals that can have adverse effects on the consumer’s health.

How it works?

It works effectively for weight loss and muscle mass gain. The sugar, fiber, and protein content present in this shake cut down the calorie index of the body. Herbs are present to manage the stress level only. As we know that stress is one of the major causes of gaining weight. Moreover, digestive enzymes are helpful in comfortable digestion and ensure healthy body metabolism.

How to take it?

It is relatively easy to use. Clear directions regarding its usage are present on the label. One scoop with 8 ounces of water twice a day is a perfect dose. You can take it before or after the workout as well. It will surely satisfy your hunger and fight your cravings.

Value for money

Garden of Life Raw Organic Fit Powder For Weight Loss comes at a reasonable price. Its features and significance are worth the price.

Final verdict

You have been through all the important facts of this high protein weight loss shake. No doubt it is one of the best weight loss supplements to satiate your hunger and fight your cravings. All its organic ingredients help in burning extra fat in the body.
You should give it a try if you want to lose some serious weight and build muscles, but it is not suitable for children.

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