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GCI Outdoor Freestyle Camping Chair Review: Best Overall

This is a durable and portable camping chair that features a comfortable rocking chair. It uses the patented spring-action rocking technology to give you a smooth rocking motion.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle camping chair

GCI Outdoor Freestyle camping chair

It has a patented locking technology that operates under a spring-lock mechanism that lets you rock away to your heart's delight. Even on uneven surfaces, you can unfold your chair and put it to use.

  • Brand: GCI Outdoor
  • Asin: B077J9N283
  • Material: Steel


This is a portable rocking chair specifically designed to enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of the outdoors. This portable camping chair also doubles as a rocking chair. So you can enjoy your environment, all the while rocking on your sturdy, comfortable chair. GCI freestyle camping chair also works great if you have any restless children near you that may need to be rocked into nap-time.


  • Sturdy
  • Rocking chair
  • Carry 250 lbs


  • Uncomfortable for back problems
Opening mechanism
Value for money

The details

Whether it’s setting up camp in front of a great view, a picnic on the beach, or simply sitting out on your patio, rocking it just something sure to heighten the peaceful atmosphere. The best part is that it’s portable, so you can fold it up and take it wherever you may want to. Also, GCI freestyle camping chair comes in vibrant indigo color, so it’s also visually pleasing to the eye.


This rocking camping chair comes with reliable, sturdy construction. It is made out of pure steel and can carry about 250 pounds of weight. It also weighs only 13 pounds, so that you can lug it with you just about anywhere.

Opening mechanism

It has an Eazy-fold technology that allows you to fold it up flat for quick and easy storage and transportation. This also allows you to pack it up much quicker as well.


It weighs much less than you would expect of a rocking chair, and is in fact, much lighter than an actual rocking chair. So you can store it in the back of your vehicle quickly. It also comes with a carry-on bag that you can keep in.


Although the price of this GCI freestyle camping chair might seem a bit steep, its construction and other features more than making it worth its price. If you’re looking for a good, sturdy, reliable rocking chair, then this is a good bet.

Final verdict

This chair comes with a comfortable headrest, a side cup-holder and is extremely easy to fold up and store. It’s a good purchase for anyone looking to buy a good-quality camping chair with some added benefits.

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