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GoodBaby SM35PTZ Video Baby Monitor Review: Best without WiFi

Featuring a high-quality camera accompanied with a 3.5-inch screen display monitor for audio-video monitoring and auto infrared night vision.

GoodBaby SM35PTZ Video baby monitor

GoodBaby SM35PTZ Video baby monitor

Best baby monitor that works without wifi

  • Brand: GoodBaby
  • Model: SM35PTZ
  • Transmission range: 480ft - 960ft


GoodBaby SM35PTZ provides high-quality baby monitoring technology for parents’ peace of mind and an excellent user experience. Along with its many features, the model also provides an affordable and cost-effective product for the users.


  • High camera vision and remote tilt function availability
  • Affordable price
  • Infrared night vision


  • Add on cameras are costly
  • Poor camera resolution
Battery durability
Value for money

The details

The Goodbaby SM35PTZ lets you keep an eye on your little one from even from a distance. It comes with a portable camera and a display monitor unit which displays the information in real-time. The camera can move 355 degrees horizontally to provide corner to corner room visibility and can tilt up to 90 degrees vertically from ceiling to floor, thus covering the entire room.

The wireless digital transmission provides high definition and stable streaming and is independent of the internet connection. And hence it is the best way to protect your privacy and baby’s safety.

With a 1200 mAh rechargeable battery, the camera can go up to 12 hours on a single charge. One can also connect the same display monitor with 4 cameras in different rooms within range.

Along with good reviews and ratings, this model is still affordable. Now let’s take a look at some of its features.


The baby monitor has 2 times zoom functionality along with a remote tilt camera scan of the baby’s nursery. It can be paired instantly without the hassle of an app or setup time. One of the interesting features is clock reminders. You can set a clock to remind you for feeding or diaper checking or just a casual check. It could be set at 2 / 4 / 6 hours according to your requirement.

The range of this monitor can extend to 960 ft. Thus, parents can get stable videos anytime. Even if you are in the kitchen or upstairs, downstairs, bedroom, kitchen, garden, this high quality baby monitor will still be able to catch the signal. And with 4 levels of sound volume and LED indicators you can adjust volume identification which is useful for heavy sleepers. The sound indicator systems also work in eco mode.

The product also has built-in 4 IR LED lights for night vision which uses infrared light. One can see the baby and the room even in total darkness.

The product also comes with two-way talk communication. This audio-video baby monitor has an advanced microphone and speaker for clear two-way audio conversations. That allows you to talk back promptly or play lullabies to soothe the baby when it is crying.

Another feature is that it can monitor the in-room temperature all day long; updating the parents if there is any unforeseen change in the room. Remote in-room temperature display lets you know your baby is comfortable.

Up to four cameras can be added to this baby monitor. One can use additional cameras in various rooms, saving money and giving you the ability to simultaneously monitor the second child, the aged, the pet, or others you care about. The high-capacity battery can last 12 hours in ECO mode. One additional feature of the device is playing soothing lullabies. You can remotely activate preinstalled lullabies if the baby wakes up during the night. It can play calming sounds for the baby.


One of the important features offered by this product is good quality transmission. As the device doesn’t require the internet for video streaming you can watch the direct feed even if there is no Wi-Fi or electricity in the house. Due to 2.4GHz wireless digital transmission, it is a safe and secure connection, and tough to hack.

The audio detection technology lets parents can have their own time. And accompanied with night vision and 480p quality footage you will always be near your loved ones.

Ease of use

Goodbaby SM35PTZ comes with a manual about how the product is used. But with a clever controller and 3.5-inch user-friendly display, you won’t have any difficulty in handling it.

It comes with rechargeable batteries and its separate chargers. And takes less than a minute to sync the camera and the digital monitor. The camera can be attached to walls; floor stands or tables. And can be easily detached. Hence it is very useful for traveling families.

Even though the camera quality is good, its resolution could have been better. The current camera records and transmits data at 480p but some other baby monitors offer better quality. One good part of the design is that the camera can tilt from side to side and up and down remotely with a 2x zoom. Hence you can capture the baby even from a distant angle.


The best part of this smart monitor is the price. The chargers, cables, attachments are all free of cost and included in the box. This price tag is very economical given the hefty costs of some other brands in the market.

The add-on camera is a bit costly. But the benefit of buying the main unit is that it can add as many as 4 add-on cameras.

Final verdict

Undeniably Goodbaby SM 35PTZ is an innovative and easy-to-use product. It offers much more features than other audio-video monitors. Aside from babies, it can also help take care of elderly or sick people, pregnant women, or even pets. This product makes parenting easy and secure.

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