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Googiehost Free Web Hosting Service Review: Best for Advanced Hosting Features

A free hosting provider that’s liberal with its offerings. You get an SSL certificate for excellent security, a cPanel for an intuitive interface and hosting for 1 website and 2 email accounts.

Googiehost Free Web Hosting Service

Googiehost Free Web Hosting Service

Googiehost is one of the few free hosting services that offers a nice selection of advanced features.

  • Brand: Googiehost
  • Disk space: 1000 MB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB


A free hosting plan with cutting-edge features only found in paid options. These include email hosting, 1 GB of SSD storage, 100 GB bandwidth, SSL certificate, cPanel, ad-free experience. That said, its customer services could benefit from a little improvement.


  • A considerable amount of disk space and bandwidth
  • Includes the intuitive cPanel control panel, one-click installer
  • Hosting for two emails
  • CloudFare support and SSL certificates


  • Limited customer support
  • Limited payment options
  • The Googiehost site is not well-designed
Uptime reliability
Customer support

The details

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this hosting provider is its ingenious name. It sounds vaguely similar to Googlehost, which is a clever way of gaining traction. Names aside, this web host delivers exactly what it promises, and that is, a well-curated set of features, a number of which are only offered on paid options.


Compared to other free hosting platforms, Googiehost’s speed is certainly a cut above the rest. It may not deliver the ultra speeds you get from the likes of WPEngine and Cloudways, but it’s a decent offering.

Googiehost may not have the highest number of data centres, but its integration of CloudFare enables it to deliver fast-loading pages.

CloudFare works by creating nearby entry points for data, which makes transmission smoother and faster. Without it, data gets bounced around different servers before it can finally reach the end user.

Uptime reliability

Googiehost offers a decent uptime guarantee. In fact, the company promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a promise that it lives up to most of the time.

Based on our tests, there were only a few outages, and all of them were scheduled downtime. It’s good to point this out because the majority of free web hosts don’t bother to inform their customers beforehand that a downtime will occur.

Customer support

This is another area where Googiehost could do with a bit of improvement. If you’re not on their paid plans, the only form of support you get is a ton of tutorials and an online forum.

The tutorials give you detailed answers to fix common issues. The forum lets you interact with other users, who can then help you resolve problems.


The biggest drawback of Googiehost is the type of customer support they offer. In an ideal world, customers should be granted the same level of support regardless of how much they’ve paid.

With Googiehost, the support offered depends on the depth of your pocket. If you’re on the free package, all you get is unlimited access to tutorials and the Googiehost forum where you can make inquiries.

The Googiehost website is not well-designed, and this makes it difficult for customers to navigate and find the features they’re looking for.

Another thing we don’t like is the limited payment methods available. If you wish to upgrade your plan to a paid one or make a purchase for another add-on, you can only use PayPal. The only exception is for Indian-based customers, who will have access to other payment options.

Final verdict

Googiehost is a superb web hosting service if you’re looking for an array of features. Not many hosts offer generous features like 1 GB SSD disk space, 100 GB monthly traffic, SSL certificate, cPanel and an ad-free experience; for free.

That said, Googiehost isn’t the best hosting platform if you prioritize customer support as an essential feature. While other hosts offer 24/7 support, Googiehost limits you to their online forum and tutorials, which may not always offer the solutions you’re looking for.

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