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Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter Review: Best Cruise Control

This scooter’s aluminum material with a special button to avoid handlebar folding while riding is unique. The one-step folding design makes it an ideal electric scooter. The dual braking system ensures responsive breaking even at high speed. Comes with a beautiful LED displaying speed, different modes, good battery, and headlight.

Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter

Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter

Powerful motor can achieve a top speed of 16 to 18 mph. The dual brake system is outstanding. Cruise control is a great feature available in this E-Scooter.

  • Brand: Gotrax
  • Product Number: B08964849Q
  • Color: Black
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Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter Review: Best Cruise Control - by , July 17, 2021
4.4/ 5stars


This electric scooter can withstand loads of a maximum of 220 lbs. Hill slopes lesser than 15° can be tackled easily. The Dual braking system available in this E-Scooter provides safe braking even when the rider hits the brakes while he is traveling at the maximum speed. An LED display is provided so that rider is well informed about the battery life, speed modes, and current scooter speed.


  • Sturdiness
  • Battery life
  • Battery life


  • Expensive
4.4/5 1
Value for money

The details

This E-Scooter is very easy to ride, even for riders who are on the heavier side. The design is durable and looks very fashionable. It has a unique folding mechanism where the rider can fold in just one second and put the compact scooter away securely. This light and sturdy E-Scooter has comfortable hand grips and a bright front light to provide the rider with an easy ride.


 This E-Scooter is packed with a powerful motor of 300 Watts. This helps the E-Scooter achieve a top speed of 18 mph with ease.


The build is light and sturdy. The LED display provides the rider with easy access to information.


Minimal maintenance. If the user manual is followed and charging of the battery is done appropriately, you do not have to worry about the life of your E-Scooter. It is built to last long.


The price is definitely on the higher side, but this E-Scooter’s features are worth the price. 

Final verdict

If you are not much worried about spending extra and buying an E-Scooter with over-the-top features, then go for this E-Scooter. Its powerful motor has proved to be the best pick in this most powerful E-Scooter segment. It also offers long travel distance and cruise control. The braking system is effective and ensures the safety of the rider.

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