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Green Sprouts i play Swim Diaper Review: Best for Swimming

Let us tell you that with this diaper, your baby has the full freedom to make the most out of the pool days. Instead of just disposing of them, you can reuse them, and this gives it an edge over the others.

Green Sprouts i play Swim Diaper

Green Sprouts i play Swim Diaper

It’s the finest swim diapers available for kids at an affordable cost!

  • Brand: i play. by green sprouts
  • Product Number: 721150-637-47
  • Size: 3T


Green Sprouts has designed these diapers for parents who like to take their babies and toddlers in the pool.


  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Prevents inner leakage


  • Not ideal for newborn babies
Leak protection
Value for money

The details

Are you looking for waterproof pull up diapers? Buy the i Play Swim Diaper for your baby. Green Sprout has designed this diaper using waterproof and absorbent materials. If your toddler likes to swim and you want to keep things clean, it is the diaper you should buy for your kid. This diaper can effectively absorb the mess and allow your baby to spend quality time out there.


Polyester provides a soft and comforting layer outside and the inner layer is made of softer absorbent material. This diaper perfectly comforts your baby. Many parents chose this diaper as an alternative to disposable diapers. Buy a pair one time and you won’t need a new one for several months.


Green Sprouts has used a layer of high-quality absorbent material to prevent wetness. The chances of skin rashes will be pretty low if your baby is wearing this diaper. Let him jump in the pool with safety gears. Inner liquid won’t leak out and pool water won’t make the diaper wet from inside. That’s why it’s the best swim diaper for babies and kids.

Leak protection

Choose the right size diaper for your kid and the chances of leaks will be almost zero. Soft polyester layer prevents skin irritation and comfy inner layer locks the liquid. This diaper provides greater comfort than ordinary reusable diapers.

Value for money

It is a reusable diaper and the price is quite affordable. Thousands of parents have chosen it for their babies. They all praise the build quality and protect offered by this diaper in the pool. It’s simply the best pull up diaper for babies and small kids.

Final verdict

You cannot clean and use a disposable diaper. The Green Sprout i Play swim diaper is washable and reusable. You should consider it a perfect choice for your kid if you are potty training him. It will absorb the mess and prevent leaks effectively.

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