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GreenForest Office Chair Review: Best for kids & Short Persons

The chair depicts a beautiful turquoise color that goes with both home and office themes. It has a 360-degree swivel and an adjustable height to make it a more relevant purchase. The fishbone design, back, and soft seat stand out to be its trademark.

GreenForest Office Task Desk Chair

GreenForest Office Task Desk Chair

With its lightweight and petite design, the GreenForest chair is best for students as a study chair.

  • Brand: GreenForest
  • Model: FBA_CARNATION-Turquoise: GW
  • Material: Mesh+PP+Fabric


If you are looking to get a chair for your children because you are concerned about their comfort and posture, this chair is an amazing choice.


  • Very lightweight
  • Best for Children
  • Breathable fabric


  • Not a suitable size for adults
Value for money

The details

The GreenForest chair comes in a beautiful turquoise color and will match any room décor. The chair is very easy to assemble and is very portable. With a very light weight, you can take it anywhere easily. This chair can be a great gift to give to your children. It is highly adjustable as well, and with the 360 swivels, it becomes very easy to handle.


This chair is light and is very easy to move around. With its plastic body and a lightweight yet strong body shell coupled with the swivel wheels, it becomes very ergonomic to use.


The GreenForest chair, although a plastic back chair, is incredibly comfortable because of its fishbone design. The fabric is also very breathable, and the design is best for children and petite adults.


The fabric is very high quality, so we will give it an 8 for durability; however, the back is plastic. This may be a concern for some people since it is not ideal for rough use. Otherwise, the plastic is very strong.

Value for money

Such a petite chair comes at a very reasonable price, and we would say it has an excellent price per feature ratio.

Final verdict

The GreenForest chair is an excellent chair for kids and teenagers. This chair keeps the posture intact without putting too much strain on the mid-back. With its lightweight design, it can be an ideal gift for your children.

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