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Hair Loss Protocols “The Rebuild Hair Program” Review: Best Method for Stopping Hair Loss for Men and Women

Something that will finally give your thinning hair a volume boost, it is a complete program guide to reverse the balding process and give you that full head of hair.

Hair Loss Protocols

Hair Loss Protocols

Promising results without any medicine or medical procedure, it is a treatment program that promotes overall wellbeing to improve the look and feel of hair. It is designed to rebuild hair from its roots up by following a comprehensive step-by-step plan to detoxify, nourish, and revive hair.

  • Author: Jared Gates


A hair care program that aims to restore your crowning glory even in the worst of cases, Hair Loss Protocol is a one-man creation that has been designed to restore scalp hair affected by varying degrees of baldness. It targets one of the main reasons for hair loss and while it lives up to its claims, it’s not realistic to expect overnight results. It is also only available in a pdf format which may not be for everyone and is easy to lose interest in if it doesn’t provide quick enough results.


  • An all-natural approach
  • No harsh treatments
  • Gentle and safe for men and women


  • Only available through official website
  • Delivered as an ebook only
  • Slow results
Value for money

The details

Hair loss can be triggered by just about anything and can be frustrating to figure out. Hair Loss Protocol is a detailed plan on how to make certain changes to your lifestyle to cure hair loss. The author does all the work for you having compiled effective remedies and techniques and gives proven methods that work when dealing with hair loss.


The primary mechanism of the Hair Loss Protocol program is to inhibit DHT prevention. This is the common denominator in both male pattern baldness and hair loss in women and is created when specific enzymes convert testosterone to DHT.

DHT is actually more powerful than testosterone and is needed for all hair growth other than on the scalp. DHT binds to follicles on the scalp triggering receptors that start to miniaturize the follicles. This process shortens the growth phase of hair strands that eventually causes hair to become lighter, softer, weaker, and then disappear totally.

Hair Loss Protocol uses a well-researched blend of ingredients that mitigates the impact of DHT and incorporates vitamins, minerals, and herbal products that assist hair loss recovery and future prevention.


The Hair Loss Protocol program is delivered as an e-book that gives complete information including specific doses and the most effective foods to eat for optimal hair regrowth.

As opposed to most other hair loss treatment applications, this one places all its focus on which foods to eat and which to avoid to inhibit DHT production. It provides comprehensive meal plans that must be followed for optimal results and is a diet-based treatment option for people who want nothing but a natural way to reverse the effects of hair loss.  

The program does not demand any strict or rigorous changes to your daily routine and does not become difficult to follow as some other treatment protocols might. It only gives you lost and lots of information on what causes hair fall and how to prevent it in the future.

That said, it does ask for modifying your lifestyle somewhat by ditching harmful habits to make room for more healthy ones.

The 106-page pdf formatted ebook includes the following:

  • A quick introduction to hair loss, causes, and conventional options available
  • Shares personal stories of individuals experiencing hair loss along with their experience with conventional and dietary-based treatments
  • Easy-to-follow information on hair loss causes and the role of DHT and 5AR on follicle shrinking
  • History and treatment options for baldness
  • Treatment protocol to stop DHT and 5AR production including food choices and a 28-day sample diet plan

So, while it is an overall promising treatment plan, it does lose some marks for being available as a pdf only.


Safety-wise this is one of the safest ways to restore your hair back. It does not use any synthetic, chemical, or harsh means to bring back your hair. As such it is also free of any harsh side effects.

The website mentions anywhere between six months to two years before users can see results, so you have to gauge for yourself whether this is the right treatment protocol for you or not.

Value for money

Because your main investment is in nutrient-dense foods that boost hair health and regrowth, this hair loss program seems to give you excellent value for the money. There are no expensive treatments, applications, or regimens involved but a sensible and well researched dietary approach to pursue.

These are foods that you already probably eat, only with Hair Loss Protocol you are also given the exact amounts you need to eat.

When you compare this program to other hair loss treatment options, you realize how cost-effective this option is in comparison to its competition. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with the results, there is a two-month window to get back to the creator of Hair Loss Protocol and explain the cause for your dissatisfaction.

Buyers have the option to ask for a refund within the 60-day timeframe and get their money back.

Final verdict

Because it is a planned program with a structure and not simply a product to use, it requires a certain degree of discipline to follow through. People who have seen success with the program claim to have followed it well and with persistence. If you are truly driven to see results at all costs, then you should give Hair Loss Protocol a try.

It gives you all the facts, remedies, and instructions you need, and the rest is up to you.

However, if you’re someone who wants quick results and may likely not be able to wait out the time needed for Hair Loss Protocol to present its full effects, then this may not be for you. It doesn’t offer a quick fix and is not something for people who are not self-motivated or have issues with commitment.

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