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Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier Review: Best for Mold

The perfect air purifier for people who want a space-efficient, high-performing, and lightweight unit that cleans away mold, bacteria, and harmful pollutants and odors from the air.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifier

Hamilton Beach TrueAir air purifier

It is a compact air purifier that can clean even the tiniest speck of mold from your place. If you live in a humid climate, this gadget is your best option.

  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Product number: 04384
  • Power source: Wall outlet


If you are looking for a device that does all the necessary functions i.e clean the air, then you will like this one. It has a comparatively lower noise level, performs exceptionally, and requires minimal effort to maintain.


  • Compact design
  • Washable
  • Comes with carbon zeolite filters
  • Quiet operation


  • Has only basic features
Noise level
Value for money

The details

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier offers high performance and promises to reduce the level of pet dander, germs, mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles from the air. It also possesses carbon zeolite filters to remove unwanted odors from the air. It is truly a one-in-all solution for purifying the air around your house, office, or any other indoor place.

Noise level

The unit has quite the standard noise level in our opinion. At the lowest level, you will barely notice the unit functioning. Hence, this setting is ideal for nighttime use. At higher settings, the noise sounds as loud as that of a whirring fan or a radio static. So, even at higher settings, it still produces low noise compared to many competitor models.


The first and most impressive feature is the 3-stage filtration process. It possesses a true HEPA filter and replaceable carbon zeolite filters, and a pre-filter to efficiently do the job. It promises to clean up to 99.97% of the dander, germs, and mold from the air. The speed of the fan can be adjusted at three settings quick clean, whisper clean, and med.


The unit makes a real difference in the air quality indoors. We visibly noticed the decrease in the amount of dust and pet hair around the house. Furthermore, the HEPA filter can suck up pollutants as small as 3 microns so bacteria, mold, and small dust mites will be captured and eliminated immediately. The carbon zeolite filters remove toxic gases from the air so that the air smells refreshing.


We liked the fact that the unit has a minimum maintenance requirement. The best thing is that you can wash the filters as many times as you want and this reduces the overall operational cost of the unit. Hence, if you have a budgetary restriction, then you will find this unit worth your money. Furthermore, it takes only a few minutes to figure out how to install this bad boy.

Final verdict

We were truly impressed by the quality of air after using this air purifier. It makes sure that the air circulates thoroughly through the room and it actively removes large and small-sized airborne particles so that you are always welcomed with fresh air. Besides this, it is easy to install and even easier to operate.

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