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HARRIS Bed Bug Killer Liquid Review: Best for Enduring Impact

This bed bug spray is a gallon bottle that contains a liquid spray that kills bed bugs and their eggs effectively once sprayed onto them. It is a non-staining and odorless formula.

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer Liquid

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer Liquid

Best bed bug killer liquid for indoor use

  • Brand: HARRIS
  • Model: HBB-128
  • Material type: Liquid spray


HARRIS Bed Bug Killer uses deltamethrin as an active ingredient to kill bed bugs. It kills bed bugs easily when they come in contact with the sprayed surface. It comes in a gallon bottle that has a trigger sprayer that effectively sprays the droplets on the surfaces. This formula is odorless and stainless. It is safe to be used indoors and offers long-lasting protection.


  • Strong formula and stainless
  • EPA registers and trigger sprayer
  • Last a long time


  • Chemical ingredients
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

The worst part about having bed bugs and trying to get rid of them is that they keep coming back again and again. There is no complete lasting solution to permanently get rid of them. However, this formula by HARRIS for killing bed bugs is great at killing bed bugs. And it keeps them away for longer periods.


The bed bug spray has good value due to its strong, odorless and stainless bed bug killing formula that offers long residual protection. The ease of use with trigger sprayer also adds value to the bed bug spray

Ease of use

This bed bug spray gallon comes with a trigger sprayer that is convenient to use as required. It acts fast and kills bed bugs. It can be sprayed easily on common areas where bed bugs hide. For instance, bed frames, box springs, or behind headboards.


This bed bug mixture kills bed bugs once the spray has dried. The bed bugs that come in contact with the surface start dying and in a little time, they are gone. The formula is long-lasting that remains on the surface and hence keeps killing bed bugs for a long time.


This bed bug formula is made with strong chemical ingredients that might harm sensitive human skin and pets. Though it is EPA registered for indoor use. But to be safe, once sprayed, the surface should be dried completely before being touched.

Final verdict

You should get this if you are looking for lasting and impactful protection against bed bugs. This product works well for other insects like ants and cockroaches. This bed bug is one of the best according to OwlRatings for its long-lasting protection. But this might not suit you if you are looking for a quick and easy solution that instantly gets rid of bed bugs.

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