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HARRIS Bed Bug Killer Spray Review: Best Overall

This bed bug spray comes in a kit. The kit includes Bed Bug Killer, Bed Bug Glue Traps, Bed Bug Aerosol, and Bed Bug Silica Powder. This aerosol spray is the best product to successfully get rid of bed bugs. It also helps avoid bed bug for a long time.

HARRIS Value Bundle Kit bed bug spray

HARRIS Value Bundle Kit bed bug spray

Best bed bug killer spray overall

  • Brand: HARRIS
  • Model: BLKBBKIT-32
  • Material type: Bed bug kit


This aerosol bed bug spray is made using a strong odorless and non-staining formula. This formula is highly effective in being used as a spot treatment for bed bugs. It can easily be sprayed in areas where evidence of bed bugs occurs such as cracks and crevices, bed frames, box springs, furniture, and clothes, behind headboards, pictures, wallpaper edges, and luggage. It provides residual protection for up to 16 weeks.


  • Kills bed bugs and their eggs quickly
  • Residual protection 16 weeks
  • Odorless and non-staining


  • Takes to implement long term protection
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

While some bed bugs sprays focus on instantly killing the bed bugs on stop and others focus on slow attack that offers residual protection, HARRIS Bed Bug Killer focuses on both simultaneously. It not only kills bed bugs and insects on contact but also ensures residual support of up to 16 weeks.


This bed bug spray offers the best value that a bed bug spray can offer in terms of price. This is due to its excellent killing formula that targets bed bugs and other insects easily. The strong chemical-based formula remains effective for up to 16 weeks. The fact that it comes in a kit with other products makes it very valuable in terms of price. 

Ease of use 

This bed bug spray is very simple and easy to use. The formula can easily be sprayed on any surface, be it bed frames and box springs or behind headboards, pictures, wallpaper edges, and luggage. It can spray bed bugs directly from a distance of 8 to 10 inches until the surface is slightly damp. Once dried, it becomes highly effective.


This bed bug spray is made using Imidacloprid, n-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, d-Phenothrin as active ingredients. These ingredients make the spray highly effective against bed bugs especially. It spot-kills the bed bugs and offers quick killing of their eggs. Not only this but it remains effective and offers residual protection for up to 16 weeks.


This bed bug spray formula is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is safe to use on any surface including hardwood. Its target is only the bed bugs and nothing else. The only precaution required is that no kids or pets should be in the room while spraying or till 2 hours after spraying.

Final verdict

HARRIS bed bug spray is for you if you want a 2 in 1 solution of instantly killing the bed bugs and a long residual protection. This bed bug spray makes controlling insects easier. However, this spray might not be appropriate for you if you are strongly allergic to chemicals like Imidacloprid or d-Phenothrin.

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