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Haystack News Free Streaming Service Review: Best for News

OwlRating’s ultimate pick for adequate news coverage. It has local news stations and live-streaming channels like Newsmax, ABC News Live, Yahoo Finance and more.

Haystack News Free Streaming Service

Haystack News Free Streaming Service

Its handy news ticker at the bottom of the videos (when in full-screen mode) makes it easy to scroll through headlines, local weather, and stock prices.

  • Brand: Haystack News
  • Live TV: Yes
  • Founded: 2013


Haystack has been a video-on-demand only streaming service for a long time. However, with the addition of 16 live-streaming news channels and Fox-owned-and-operated local stations, it can reach 100% of the top 30 designated market areas.


  • International and local news coverage
  • Provides both on-demand and live-streaming news


  • App can be unresponsive when streaming on mobile devices
User experience
Streaming speed
Value for money

The details

Haystack is another ad-supported streaming service dedicated to US news coverage. Initially called Haystack TV, it was rebranded to Haystack News to include live news channels. Today it has more than 300 local broadcast channels and CBS News, Euronews, and the AP.


The ad-supported streaming service recently expanded its news offering by introducing 16 24/7 live streaming channels. They include Al Jazeera, CBSN, Yahoo Finance and more.

The expansion follows a recent update that saw Haystack News add 350 news sources comprising locally-operated stations. It is this move that makes Haystack News a go-to option for local and international news.

User experience

What stands out about this streaming service is its ability to provide a personalized newscast. Once you open the app, you might find a story from CBS News recapping the recent election inauguration followed by a weather forecast from one local station.

However, you are free to scroll the content back and forth instead of following the pre-arranged playlist. And having added live streaming news channels like Euronews, you can watch international news in real-time.

Streaming speed

Haystack News doesn’t say much about its ideal streaming speed, so we decided to test its speed on various devices. We found that an internet speed of 5Mbps provided a buffer-free viewing experience. However, you may need a higher rate if streaming content on multiple devices.


After rebranding to Haystack News, it has become a reliable source of local and international news and on-demand and live-streaming news. This is more than enough for a free streaming service. Also, the number of ads on Haystack is less than those on traditional TV, improving the viewer’s experience and adding to this service’s value.

Final verdict

We’d recommend Haystack News streaming service for cord-cutters looking for adequate news coverage for free. With its recent improvements, it can broadcast local and international news, so you never miss out on important events. Notably, we realized it hardly supported NBC or CNN news coverage which may be off putting for some cord-cutters.

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