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Healthy Stuff Online Pet Sensitivity Kit Review: Best Multi-Functional

Apart from testing a dog’s genetic composition, the kit identifies his dietary intolerances. You don't need a urine or blood sample but a fur sample.

Healthy Stuff Online DNA test

Healthy Stuff Online DNA test

The beauty of this is that it eliminates the uncomfortable sample collection process. With a small hair sample, the test kit can identify all the dietary intolerances in your dog.

  • Brand: Healthy Stuff Online
  • Product Number: B07QGF6NP7
  • Packs: Other


If you’re looking for a testing kit that can determine your dog’s food intolerances, the Healthy Stuff Online Pet Sensitivity kit is your ultimate choice.


  • Fast and reliable results
  • Non-invasive sample collection process


  • Not a breed identifier
Detectable breeds
Genetic disease detection
Turnaround time
Value for money

The details

Suppose you already know your dog’s breed history but have noticed unusual dietary intolerances. Using a test kit like Healthy Stuff Online Pet Sensitivity kit eliminates the guesswork helping you identify the specific foods your dog is allergic to.

Detectable breeds

Unlike the testing kits on the list, the Healthy Stuff Online Pet Sensitivity kit determines food allergies in your furry friend. The company has performed more than 400,000 tests since 2009 hence likely to provide accurate and reliable results every time.

Genetic disease detection

As earlier highlighted this test kit analyzes dog samples to determine their dietary intolerances. Thus, the results hardly explain if your dog is predisposed to specific genetic conditions.

Turnaround time

We found this company’s turnaround time is pretty impressive compared to other test kits we have analyzed. It mails the results in 7-10 working days allowing you to act promptly.

Value for money

The test kit is fairly priced for its features. Its short turnaround time, incredible accuracy, and painless sample collection process add to this kit’s value.

Final verdict

Healthy Stuff Online Pet Sensitivity kit is a solid buy for dog owners testing their dogs for food intolerances for a variety of foods. Also, the results are incredibly reliable because it uses hair samples that aren’t affected by stress levels or foods taken.

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