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HelloBaby HB65 Baby Monitor Review: Best with Camera

HelloBaby HB65 Video Baby Monitor is a simple video monitor with some important features such as a large HD screen, temperature sensor, night vision, two-way audio, and solid battery life.

HelloBaby HB65 baby monitor

HelloBaby HB65 baby monitor

Best baby monitor with a camera

  • Brand: HelloBaby
  • Model: HB65
  • Temperature display: Yes


With its simple setup, excellent battery life, and large display, HelloBaby HB65 Video Baby Monitor is one of the most easy-to-use and affordable baby video monitors on the market. It is a basic video monitor for parents who don’t want to complicate things.


  • Good battery life
  • No need for Wi-Fi or internet
  • Easy to use


  • Limited features
  • Screen freezes
  • Range and connection issues
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Hello Baby is a relatively new company, founded in 2017. Their current focus is on video monitors and compatible replacement cameras. The Hello Baby HB65 is a simple video monitor that works without the internet. The device has exceptional battery life, above-average video, and acceptable sound quality. It is easy to use and has the most essential features to get the task done. HB65 has a higher price than some basic monitors, but it is cheap for a dedicated style monitor. The video quality is not very high; however, the visuals are acceptable. This device is straightforward and basic, but this could be great for some parents who do not want to get confused with complex features.

HB65 is one of the most sold baby monitors on Amazon with its affordable price and basic structure. Let’s take a closer look at this dedicated monitor’s details and features to see if it worth the money.


The monitor features a 3.2” screen and a digital camera to provide a decent quality image. The camera enables night vision whenever the light level is low, allowing you to see your baby at nighttime. The two-way audio feature lets you talk and relief your baby even from a distance, while the room temperature sensor helps you ensure that the room is not too cold or hot. With the sound level LED indicator, you can see how much noise your baby is making.

The Hello Baby HB65 can be used with up to 4 cameras for multiple children or different angles for the room.

It also has temperature sensors that are highly accurate according to the tests. The camera unit has pan, tilt, and zoom features that are not found in most baby monitors. It also features sound activation, screen sleep, and noise filtering.


The Hello Baby HB65 has an acceptable range depending on the nursery camera and parent monitor distance. The company has a claim of a 1000 ft range between units.

In open field tests, some connectivity issues occurred at 700 feet, and the connection was entirely lost at 800 feet. For the indoor, the manufacturer claims 165 feet. The tests showed the device was able to keep the connection up to 65 feet between 4 walls. The results are not impressive, but they are about average for the dedicated video monitors.

The Hello Baby HB65 has decent visuals and audio for a dedicated monitor. Of course, it can’t compete with the HD quality of some of the more expensive options, but it is more than acceptable for the price range.

The device has 76.3 dB as the maximum decibel level. This level is relatively low, but it is pretty clear compared to the others. Most of the monitors have below-average results for sound, so it is a plus that this option is better than most. The sound is well balanced, but there is some background noise. It has sound activation, noise filtering, and adjustable sensitivity that elevate the sound quality to a decent level.

The Hello Baby has relatively good video quality for a dedicated monitor. Usually, the more expensive Wi-Fi options are 1080p and HD, but the dedicated monitors are less impressive, which is acceptable if you take the price difference into account. During the day, images are fairly clear, but zooming decreases the image clarity and leads to loss of detail. While zooming, you can see if your baby is in distress, but the details are not clear.

The night vision leads to loss of clarity and depth with blurry images compared to daytime videos. The brightness is well balanced, but of course, its quality can not be compared to Wi-Fi products. But we can clearly say the night vision is pretty good for a dedicated monitor.

Probably the best aspect of the HB65 is its battery life. Even the company claimed the battery lasts around 8 hours, but the device can work up to 14 hours, according to the tests.

Ease of use

The Hello Baby HB65 has an extremely quick and easy setup. You only need to plug the devices in and turn them on. They automatically get paired up and get ready to use immediately without downloading apps or setting up accounts. As the device work without internet, you do not need to worry about that either.

The user interface of HB65 is pretty straightforward, with easy-to-access directional buttons and a menu. Camera switching, microphone, and zoom are all on the parent unit without the need to navigate a complex menu. The menu is very basic, which does not confuse you. You can see all of the possible options on the bottom of the screen.


The Hello Baby HB65 has a low price tag, making it one of the cheaper monitors in the market. This suggests that parents who have a lower spending budget will be most suitable to purchase the product; but the quality and the features make for a well quality product at the end of the day.

Final verdict

Overall, The Hello Baby HB65 is a decent video monitor at a reasonable price. It has all the essential features and is effective. It is the perfect choice for parents on a tight budget and who want to keep it simple.

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