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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Review: Best for Small Dogs

The dry dog food contains a precise and optimal balance of top-quality digestible nutrients; fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, prebiotic fibers, and minerals that are good for their stomach, immunity, skin, coat, and teeth.

Hill's Science Diet dry dog food

Hill's Science Diet dry dog food

The dry food is perfect for dogs that have a sensitive stomach and you need to be very careful while selecting their kibble. This one is ideal for small and mini adult dogs and contains a highly digestible chicken recipe.

  • Brand: Hill's Science
  • Model: 10440
  • Flavor: Chicken & barley


The kibble is a very simple and holistic diet that has been made for mini breeds and dogs that have a sensitive stomach. The ingredient list contains all the necessary nutrients required for your dog’s healthy growth.


  • Highly digestible kibble
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Small-sized kibble
  • The nutrients nourishes the skin


  • Transitioning might be a slow process
Value for money

The details

The dry food contains a very simple yet nutritious diet which has chicken as the main ingredient. The kibble will be gentle on your poodle’s stomach and give it the best blend of healthy ingredients possible. It contains no artificial colors and preservatives and synthetic colors.


Some of the main ingredients include chicken, rice, chicken meal, yellow peas, whole grain sorghum, cracked pearled barley, egg product, oat fibers, chicken fat, dried beet pulp, Vitamins (E, C, A, B12, and D3) and minerals like zinc oxide, ferrous sulfate, and manganous oxide. It also includes several fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, broccoli, cranberries, and green peas.


It is available in four and 15-pound bags.


All of the ingredients provide multiple advantages to your dog. The fibers help to regulate your poodle’s digestive system whereas the fatty acids ensure a luminous and clean skin and coat. On the other hand, prebiotics improves the immunity and the gut microbiome (it is all of the microorganisms that reside in the stomach that help to maintain the digestive system and also helps in digestion)


The dog food has been made specifically keeping mini breed dogs in mind. It is a simplistic yet holistic diet that provides such dogs with all of the nutritional value that they need. The kibble size has been made extremely small as well (3mm x 6.5mm) so that the canines can easily chew and digest it.

Final verdict

It is a chicken and barley flavored kibble that provides small dogs and all the dogs that have a sensitive stomach with a wholesome meal that can keep them active and playful all around the day.

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