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Himawari School Backpack Review: Best for Women

This backpack has two compartments with various pockets. It also features adjustable straps and waterproof material for convenience.

Himawari School backpack

Himawari School backpack

This backpack offers the most accessible pockets and compartments that you will come across!

  • Brand: Himawari
  • Asin: B07WBY77CH
  • USB charging port: Yes


This backpack is spacious, comfortable, and lightweight. However, we found some issues with the zipper and buckle design.


  • Extremely spacious
  • Variety in designs
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Stays in shape
  • Waterproof and durable


  • Zippers aren’t up to the mark
  • Buckle design may be slightly uncomfortable
Value for money

The details

As a woman, there are plenty of things that you would want to keep in your bag. Additionally, you would want a bag with proper sections so you don’t end up searching for a single thing for ages! Hence, the Himawari laptop backpack is quite ideal with its efficient design.

Manufactured by the Himawari brand, this backpack is available in various colors and is multi-functional depending on your usage.


The Himawari backpack is one of the most comfortable ones that you would come across.

It features adjustable and padded straps that can help you fit the backpack as per your comfort. Moreover, the spacious compartments can fit in everything that you would want – be it your laptop, phone/tablet, wallet, or even other accessories. This way you won’t have to carry any extra luggage.

Despite having additional compartments, it weighs just around 1.76 pounds and feels lightweight.

As per our research, the only complaint we found was that the buckles have sharp edges that may feel uncomfortable at times. But, it may not have a huge impact on your experience!


The Himawari laptop bag offers excellent durability for its price. It has a sturdy and quality material that can bear the weight of your items.

The zippers can definitely work more smoothly and have a better look but they’re still manageable.


The Himawari backpack offers quite a lot of features for its price. It has a waterproof material which truly is convenient.

Additionally, it also has a charging port and 5 inner/outer pockets for any accessories like keys or wallets that you would want to keep.

Value for money

The Himawari backpack offers value for money with its spaciousness, extra features, and lovely appearance.

Final verdict

The Himawari laptop backpack is a great buy for all students and working women due to its extra compartments, pockets, and lightweight nature. It’s also somewhat affordable.

On the other hand, it’s not suitable for professionals requiring a sleek-looking backpack due to its casual appearance.

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