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Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Vacuum Cleaner Review: Best for Pet Hair

Are you struggling to remove fur from your living space? Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 vacuum is powerful and has pet-friendly accessories to keep your space fur-free.

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Vacuum Cleaner

Its powerful suction is a head-turner. The powerful Wind Tunnel technology equips it with three suction channels to remove dirt, debris, and pet hair effectively.

  • Brand: Hoover
  • Product number: UH72625
  • Dirt cup capacity: 1.42 liters


The vacuum cleaner is a great buy for homes with pets. It has powerful suction and a set of multi-purpose tools to remove stubborn pet hair on carpeted floors. However, you should be ready to drag a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner around the house.


  • Powerful suction
  • HEPA filter for trapping allergens
  • Long power cord


  • Extremely heavy
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Hoover vacuum cleaners date back to 1907 when an asthmatic janitor, Murray Spangler, invented a suction sweeper to help him breathe while cleaning.

Hoover, the brand’s founder, bought the patent and developed a vacuum cleaner, now known as Hoover vacuum cleaners.  The WindTunnel 3 is one of the brand’s flagship products. Here’s why.


The vacuum cleaner is pretty big compared to other products I’ve reviewed. The floor brush measures a cool 15 inches, and the two filters take up half of the machine’s body, while the dirt cup has a capacity of 1.42 liters bringing its overall weight to 18.5 pounds.

Its heavy weight makes it difficult to carry from one room to another, but its generous cord length comes in handy. In fact, it’s the main selling point for this vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners I’ve reviewed have cord lengths of 18-30 feet, but the WindTunnel 3 has a cool 40 feet, a real boon when cleaning vast spaces. I also loved the incandescent headlight fitted at the base that lit up dark corners while cleaning.


The device is designed for removing pet hair. It features a Multi-cyclonic technology that equips the vacuum with three channels of suction.

Its effectiveness is evident because it removes 75% of pet hair by creating an efficient airflow using the extra-wide nozzle. What’s more, the vacuum cleaner has HEPA filtration that traps debris as small as .3 micrometers and removes odor leaving fresh and clean air. Hoover also equips this model with a range of handy accessories.

The most notable is the 12-foot hose extension which is way more generous than Dirt Devil’s six-foot hose. The extended reach makes it easy to vacuum multiple rooms from one power source. And with a responsive dial it’s easy to switch from cleaning floors to upholstery.

The articulating dusting tool is also quite effective at extending reach when cleaning the ceiling fan. It’s also bendable making it easy to brush and vacuum both sides of the fan blades too.

I also loved that it comes with a turbo tool retrofitted with rubber blades. The blades made it easy to remove stubborn pet hair from surfaces.

Another part that blew my mind was the crevice tool. It’s well-thought-out as it comes equipped with a lip and a curved edge to help reach crevices and where the baseboard and the carpet join.

Ease of use

I found the vacuum easy to use, albeit the heavy construction. Switching it on and off, adjusting the brush roll, and reclining the vacuum body is pretty easy. Also, the additional adjustments make it easy to switch between carpets and hard floors.

However, the height adjustment dial may be a little challenging to use, as it jams occasionally. I hoped it would loosen up after using it a few times, but it didn’t.

While it has seven height options, even the highest isn’t high enough to make vacuuming rugs easy. Also, the dirt cup dislodges from the base, sometimes causing the vacuum to shut off.


The vacuum cleaner is a solid buy for the price. Given its overall construction, handy attachments, and performance, it competes pretty well with comparable mid-range vacuum cleaners. Also, its powerful suction is quite impressive for this price point.

Final verdict

The Hoover WindTunnel 3 is a great buy for people with carpeted homes. It does a pretty good job of cleaning and removing pet hair from high-pile and low-pile carpets. Also, the addition of a HEPA filter helps remove allergens and the tiniest debris, leaving your space fresh and clean.

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