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How to Get Facebook Marketplace – Increase Your Online Market Share

Have you been wondering how you can access Facebook marketplace on your device? Our tutorial serves as the ultimate guide to help you through this process.

Facebook Marketplace is among the best marketing platforms for small and large-scale merchants alike. It lets you market your products on one of the globe’s largest social media networks; thus, helping you reach a wider audience.

Better yet, you get to interact one-on-one with interested buyers, using Messenger. This ease of use and massive convenience it offers is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to use this advertising avenue.

Question is, how can you get Facebook marketplace? Read on to learn more.

Reasons for not accessing Facebook marketplace

We’ll start by examining a few of the reasons why you might be struggling to access Facebook marketplace.  These reasons are:

Residing in an area where Marketplace is not available 

Originally, Facebook marketplace could only be accessed by people living in the USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

But the platform has since expanded, and is now available to at least 50 countries. It’s also grown in the sense that it can be accessed using a desktop. Back in 2016, the only way to use the app was through an iPhone or Android device.

That said, if you’re not a resident of one of the 50 countries, you probably won’t be able to use Facebook marketplace.

You’re younger than 18 years

Another requirement for using Facebook marketplace is that you should have attained 18 years.

You’re a new user on Facebook

If you just created a Facebook account, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to access the platform immediately.

The reason why Facebook has this restriction is because they want to cut back on the number of scammers. Such users have a tendency of deleting and recreating profiles just so that they can sell fabricated products once they’ve been banned.

But if you’ve opened a Facebook account for genuine reasons, all you have to do is exercise a bit of patience. Continue using your account while adhering to their policies. Once it’s been active for a while, you will get the green light to use Facebook Marketplace.

Best ways to access Facebook marketplace

If you’ve been trying to access Facebook marketplace but haven’t been able to, here are a couple of things you.

First, try the conventional way, which involves going to the platform directly by typing the URL, https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/ in your browser.

Quick tip: try visiting the Facebook marketplace as many times as possible. This will cause it to appear in the shortcut menu on your PC or iOS gadget; hence, making it much easier to use.

If this doesn’t work, and you’ve met all the conditions required, try uninstalling then reinstalling the Facebook app. If there was a hitch with your previous app, reinstalling it from the ground up should sort out the issue.

Having trouble accessing the Facebook marketplace? Well, there are a few things you can do to solve this problem.

For starters, check whether you meet all the required conditions. You should be 18 years of age, be in a region where the Facebook marketplace is available and have a Facebook account that you’ve used for awhile.

Once you’ve verified this, type https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/ on your browser to visit the marketplace. Alternatively, uninstall and install the Facebook app from scratch. Then, visit the link once more to use the platform.

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