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How to get free Robux with a generator – scam alert!

There is no such thing as free Robux in the game called "Roblox". Learn how this scam works and how you can avoid becoming prey to it.

When kids played games in the past, the biggest dangers they faced were physical, like a broken arm or a knee injury. But gaming has evolved, and so have the threats that toddlers face. With the majority of games being played online, the risks faced by kids are mostly digital. They include cyber bullying, invasion of privacy, theft of personal information and more.

Such are the risks that kids face when they sign up for Roblox, a gaming platform that has become wildly popular since going public. Specifically, players run the risk of falling for the free Robux scam. In the following post, we’ll explain what Roblox and Robux are, and offer you a couple of tips to help you keep your child safe when they’re playing on the platform.

Overview of Roblox and Robux

Roblox is an online-based gaming platform for both players and creators. It’s a platform that lets users create and upload their own games.

It’s also open to kids interested in playing these games, but only in a multiplayer setting.

One of the things that makes Roblox so popular is the fact that it provides a social platform where kids from different cultures and walks of life can interact. Plus, it has a good selection of games centered around different themes.

What is troubling however, is the virtual currency employed in the system. Robux, as it’s popularly known, is the digital currency that Roblox players use to perform different transactions.

To be more specific, you can use it to purchase items you need to play, like accessories, clothing, and gear for your avatar.

Robux is also useful when you want to buy game passes, and VIP servers. There are even a couple of games on Roblox, which require you to pay using Robux, to gain access.

Given what you can do with this digital currency, it’s not surprising that it’s hence become a highly sought-after commodity. Unfortunately, this has also made it a prime target for scammers, looking to steal from players on Roblox.

How free Robux scam works

There are several techniques that Robux scammers use.

One, they create and upload games, which claim to offer Robux for free. The majority of these games are very short and overly simple.

Once a user plays the game and gets to the end of the game, they receive a prompt, or they see a dialog box pop asking them to key in their username and password to “verify” their account.

If you encounter this, you should sign out from the game immediately. The developer behind that game is merely trying to get access to your account’s details.

Another approach these scammers use is to ask about your account’s details, directly via the chat or messaging icons. Some may also send links, which purport to offer free Robux once opened.

You should keep an eye out for such tricks. In all of these cases, the individuals asking for these details are not genuine people.

They will likely corrupt your account or use such personal information to intimidate, steal from or threaten you. So, if you come across suspicious links, do not open them because they’re not real.

One of the main streams of revenue for Roblox is selling Robux, so there’s no way they would offer this currency for free. Most of the players who have fallen for the free Robux scam have ended up with viruses on their devices.

How to protect yourself from Robux scam

If you or have kids who like playing games on Roblox, then you should acquaint yourself with the correct way of acquiring Robux.

You can go about this in one of two ways. One, you can purchase the currency directly from the website.

Look for the R$ icon, which is located on the right corner at the top. Once you click on it, select the option “buy Robux”. Now all that’s left to do is to decide the increment you prefer. Roblox lets you buy the currency in increments ranging from $4.95 to $119.95.

The second approach involves signing up for membership at Roblox Builders Club.

Once you become a member, you’ll be presented with an option to pay a monthly fee. This affords you a specific number of Robux every day. Paying for this membership comes with a few other benefits as well.

Tips to keep your child safe when playing on Roblox

Robux isn’t the only thing that scammers can use to manipulate and trick young and naive players, especially kids using this platform. So here are a few other tricks you can employ to keep your child safe when they’re on Roblox:

  • Keep an open line of communication

Foster a good relationship with your child so that they’ll feel free to talk to you in case they encounter suspect behavior.

It helps to hold discussions about their gaming activity, and to do so on a regular basis. You can also perform random checks when they’re using the platform. This is a nice way to identify potential issues before they become full-blown.

  • Use parental controls

One thing we like about Roblox is that they’ve already put a couple of measures in place to protect players’ sensitive information. So, all you need to do is activate these features to keep your child safe.

For instance, the platform allows you to lock the player’s account settings. What this does is that it prevents other users from sending any messages, chat in-game or in-app or even gain access to their phone number.

  • Have kids play in an open area

Never allow your child to play Roblox, and other online games behind closed doors. Instead, ensure they’re playing in an open, family area, where you can easily monitor what they are doing.

A leading gaming platform, Roblox offers players a wide range of games that they can play in a multiplayer setting. This not only encourages creativity but also improves social interaction.

That said, this entertainment site is susceptible to scamming activity so it’s important that you’re cautious when using the platform. Don’t fall for trickster games alleging that they can offer you Robux for free. Instead, use proper channels to buy this digital currency.

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