How to Get Paint Out of Clothes - Simple Remedies
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How to Get Paint Out of Clothes – Simple Remedies

Have you been researching ways to remove those unattractive paint stains from your favorite outfit? Try these techniques to remove different types of paints.


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Paint and clothes

You’ve had a little home redecorating project going on at your home. Unfortunately, your kids are the adventurous kind, and they end up spilling some paint on your favorite outfit.

So how do you get the paint out of clothes? Well, there are a ton of techniques you can pick from. But the most important thing to remember is to treat the stained area as fast as you can. The following post helps you learn how to get paint out of clothes.

Determine the type of paint

If you had a small paint incident and weren’t able to remove the paint stain immediately, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to remove it later. The answer to this is yes, it’s possible. However, you will have a little more work on your hands.

Start by establishing the specific type of paint that poured on your clothes. The majority of paints fall into one of two categories: water-based or oil-based.

Examples of water-based include acrylic and latex. Acrylic is the kind you’ll find being used for crafts and artwork whereas latex is used to paint ceilings and walls.

Oil-based paints are an entirely different animal. They are usually shinier, and mostly used for painting cabinets, trim, walls, ceilings and both metal and wooden doors.

Not sure of which type of paint you’re up against? Well, check the label on the paint can or packaging. If it’s water-based, removing this will be a breeze. But don’t worry if it’s oil-based. Removing this paint is also achievable, but it requires a little more work.

Steps to remove water-based paints

Between your child’s school projects and weekend DIY activities, water-based paints are probably the most common in your home. Here’s a quick guide to remove this type of paint:

  1. If it’s dried, start by scraping off a decent amount of the paint from the cloth. You can use a spoon, brush or dull knife for this.
  2. Next, hold the back side of the stain up against warm running water. Don’t stop until the water starts running clear.
  3. If there’s still a bit of paint left, treat using a solution containing equal parts detergent and warm water. Gently rub this mixture on the surface until all the paint is gone. You can now toss the cloth inside a washing machine for and wash as you usually would.

Steps to remove oil-based paints

Getting rid of oil-based paints is a bit tricky because they behave in a fairly similar manner to grease and oil. In other words, they don’t combine well with water. Here’s what you should do to remove this kind of paint:

  1. Start by turning your cloth inside out. Then using paper towels, blot the paint from the back using either turpentine or the paint thinner stated on the can label. Continue this process until the paint stops coming up.
  2. Rinse your garment.
  3. Next, soak it in a solution of hot, soapy water for one night. Look for a washing symbol on the piece of cloth to determine the exact water temperature you should use.
  4. The following day, rinse your clothing and wash it normally.
  5. If you notice that the paint hasn’t come off completely, treat it with a stain remover and wash it again.

Useful hacks when removing paints

  • Always do a spot test before soaking the entire piece of clothing in a foreign solution that you have no knowledge of. This is crucial so that you don’t end up damaging the fabric or ruining the original color of your outfit.
  • Consider the type of fabric when choosing a cleaning solution. For instance, if you’re dealing with wool, then use a detergent that’s designed specifically for wool.
  • If you have to scrub or blot the paint, use a gentle approach. Don’t be too vigorous as you might end up tearing the garment.
  • Invest in a dry spotter for oil-based paints. It instantly dissolves the paint while still being gentle on your garments.

Overall, the paint-removal techniques we recommended earlier work for most fabrics. But if you’re dealing with delicate fabrics like wool and silk, follow these tips to avoid leaving any sort of damage.

Painting projects can get messy really fast. If some paint ends up on your garments, it’s good to clean out immediately. Start by establishing the specific kind of paint on your clothes; water-based or oil-based. Based on this, you can follow the steps highlighted in our tutorial.

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