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Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diaper Review: Best for Overnight Use

These diapers are perfect for babies that weigh around 12 kg. The Dual Leak guards make sure that your baby sleeps peacefully at night and wakes up fresh. The Dry Touch liners keep the wetness in control and hence play a direct role in preventing the skin from diaper rashes.

Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diaper

Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diaper

It’s the most absorbing diaper you can buy for your baby.

  • Brand: Huggies
  • Product Number: 10036000495482
  • Size: 5 (58 Count)


Huggies has equipped this diaper with extra absorbency and dual leak guard layers to offer better comfort all night long.


  • 12-hour protection without leaks
  • No diaper rashes
  • Hypoallergenic


  • There will be leaks if you choose wrong size diapers
Leak protection
Value for money

The details

Babies like to stay dry and comfortable, but they have no control over the discharge of bodily fluids. Therefore, their nappies get wet time-and-again and you might not always be free to change it. You need diapers built to absorb more liquid and lock wetness better than ordinary nappies. Choose Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diaper. It has great liquid absorbing capacity. Your baby will stay wet and relaxed throughout the night.


Huggies has used DryTouch liner to build a soft and comfy diaper for kids weighing up to 12kgs. It absorbs moisture quickly and remains soft for hours. There won’t be any rashes if your kid wears diaper all night long. It will keep him dry and comfortable and you can also enjoy a healthy sleep.


This diaper is known as the most absorbent diaper. It provides your baby with a 12-hour protection against wetness and leaks. Breathable outer layer dries baby’s skin quickly and inner layers lock moisture effectively. Thus, there will be no wet bed sheets and no skin problems.

Leak protection

Double leak guard system prevents leaks 10-12 hours. It is an important feature, especially if you don’t want to see wet bed sheets anymore in kids’ bedroom.

Value for money

Unlike other diapers, this particular pack comes with a reduced number of diapers. You will get a one-month supply at an affordable cost. Some other brands are offering a larger number of diapers in the same price range. Therefore, it seems a bit costlier!

Final verdict

It is not a bad choice if your baby gets wet multiple times in his sleep. This diaper will reduce your medical expenses by protecting baby’s skin against wetness and germs. Your baby will enjoy long and soothing sleep every night. Parents have admired this feature and by offering top-ratings to this diaper.

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