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Inc Authority Online LLC Formation & Filing Service Review: Best Free Service

Are you planning to start a company and looking for an affordable LLC formation and filing service? Check out Inc Authority’s packages.

Inc Authority Online LLC Formation & Filing Service

Inc Authority Online LLC Formation & Filing Service

Its free package is a significant draw for startups. Besides the name search and formation filing service, a business can file an S-corp election if it wants to categorize its LLC as an S corporation for tax reasons.

  • Brand: Inc Authority
  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: Reno, Nevada


Inc Authority is a great pick for businesses looking for simple LLC formation. Its long track record and reliable customer service speak volumes. The free package helps many startups file quickly, but the premium bundles seem to be tailored to large corporations.


  • Free LLC formation and filing
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Lots of experience


  • Upsale of unnecessary services
  • Pricey premium packages
Ease of use

The details

With an industry experience of more than 30 years, Inc has made a name for itself as one of the best LLC formation and filing services. The company was established in 1989 to provide businesses with affordable LLC filing.

So far, Inc Authority has served more than 130,000 companies across the country, which comprise small to medium-sized businesses. Although it offers many services, its success can be attributed to its free package tailored to small companies working on a budget.

The package allows businesses to perform a name search, prepare formation documents and files, and get registered agent service for a year. All you need to pay is the state filing fee. The company works with large companies too thanks to its vast range of services which include:

  • Registered agent services
  • EIN application
  • Business credit assessment
  • Tax planning consultation
  • Trademark application
  • Business funding analysis

Ease of use

Inc Authority’s website is pretty easy to use. All its services are displayed on its website, whose dashboard allows one to access all the business’ formation tools and a range of add-ons.

The company’s system also stores and delivers digital copies of the company’s formation. This means you can access the files from anywhere.

The company’s website is also mobile-friendly, allowing users to navigate its menu options from a mobile device. The registration process is pretty straightforward as it involves a three-step process.

First, provide essential business information like the state and the business entity you want to form. Next, provide your contact information and other business details, and lastly, submit the company’s data for filing.  


Inc Authority’s customer support is admirable. I launched a complaint to test the turnaround time, and I’m impressed. A customer representative responded within two hours, which is commendable compared to other LLC formation services.

The customer representatives also demonstrated an adequate understanding of its services, which made it easy to address the complaint. However, their unavailability during the weekends was a bummer, given that many companies operate in a 24-hour economy.

Inc Authority’s support agents are available from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

One would assume that customer support is available to premium subscribers only, but it isn’t true.

On the contrary, businesses on the free package can access unlimited customer support too via email, live chat, and phone.


Although Inc Authority’s core service is to help businesses in LLC formation and filing, it offers a host of other features.

Recording minutes

I found its ability to record the company’s minutes when holding initial meetings handy. This means a company doesn’t need to enlist a separate service to write the minutes.

Minutes demonstrate a company’s compliance with state requirements. However, this feature is available on premium packages only.

Customized operating agreement

I also love that Inc Authority provides customized Operating Agreements based on the company’s business structure. The agreement proves a company’s ownership, framework, and each stakeholder’s profit share.

Business licensure

Businesses can also apply for licensure with the help of Inc Authority. After paying a one-off fee, the company’s agents perform a state search and apply for the necessary licenses and permits on behalf of the business.

Business funding analysis

This is another feature I found handy for businesses looking for funds to support their operations. A financial expert assesses the company’s financial needs and recommends funding options.

Business plan advisory

This service is helpful for businesses looking for funding or planning to create a solid business plan to manage their operations. Inc Authority assigns the business a dedicated business plan advisor to assess a business’s projects, funding requirements, and other parameters.

Registered agent services

This is an essential solution for any business. Inc Authority provides businesses with a unique address for making correspondence with state and federal compliance bodies for free for at least one year.

This means Inc Authority receives compliance documents on the company’s behalf, scans them, and uploads the digital copy to the respective account.

Value for money

By comparison, Inc Authority is the true definition of value for money. Its free package is its main selling point because a business enjoys services that would have cost over a hundred dollars for free.

The fact that the business can also access a registered agent service and unlimited customer support for free is a huge bonus.

The premium packages are somewhat pricey compared to other service providers like ZenBusiness and LegalZoom. ZenBusiness, for example, has packages ranging from $49-$299 despite not having a free package.

On the other hand, LegalZoom offers packages that cost $79-$349 compared to Inc Authority’s premium packages of $399-$799.

Final verdict

Inc Authority is the best bet for a business owner operating on a budget and one looking to scale operations in the future. A business can prepare and file documents for free, not to mention, get access to a year’s registered agent service.

As if that’s not enough, a business enjoys expert advice and access to business growth tools to streamline its operations.

The customer support is also pretty decent regardless of the business’s package. The only trick is to combine the free package with some high-value add-ons depending on the company’s needs.

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