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ISmile LED Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit Review: Best LED Light Activated

The FDA-approved equipment that helps brighten your teeth and brings back their original shine, this mint-flavored gel makes the chemical taste easy on your mouth so you can still enjoy the process.

ISmile LED Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit

ISmile LED Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit

A standout product among LED light activation systems, the iSmile Teeth Whitening Kit gives dental-grade results at home. Three times faster than regular whitening strips, this at-home treatment promises to whiten your teeth 8 shades whiter in 7 days.

  • Brand: ISmile
  • Asin: B07PHB5JKF
  • Active ingredient: Carbamide peroxide


Using LED technology to accelerate teeth whitening, this product only requires 10 minutes a day to achieve a whiter smile. It has a non-abrasive whitening formula that can work well to target surface stains but may take much longer to work on heavier and deeper discoloration.


  • Fast results
  • Affordable price
  • Patented comfort mouth tray


  • Some complaints about sensitivity
Value for money

The details

The brand uses an advanced formula that delivers professional level whitening using enamel-safe ingredients for anyone with sensitivity issues. The device is a hands-free option for people who want white teeth quickly.


The effective formula needs to be only applied for 10 minutes per day and complete results can be seen after just a week of treatment. It helps whiten teeth up to 8 shades from the current shade.

Customers reviews indicate high satisfaction levels with this purchase both in terms of whitening potential and the absence of any discomfort and severe side effects.


The teeth whitening solution features 3 syringes with whitening gel, 1 syringe to help control sensitivity, one mouth tray, one user manual, and a whitening LED light. The pre-prepped syringes take the guesswork out of preparation and present a mess and hassle-free treatment.

Each application is only 10 minutes long with a built-in timer to remind you your session is over.


The company guides users to only use the product once a day for 10 minutes for a total of 7 days. As long as these guidelines are followed, the product is considered safe to use.

It is also advised to only fill the tray with .4 ml of the gel and not any more.

Value for money

The company guarantees full results after only 7 days of use and the kit contains enough gel for it to last for one week. It also provides an extra gel syringe for people with sensitive teeth to help them still be able to use this whitening product.

These features when paired with the whitening kit’s ease of use and lasting results make it worth the money.

Final verdict

A budget-friendly solution to all your teeth whitening problems, this whitening kit eliminates the struggle to achieve a whiter smile. Promising results in 7 days, it is recommended for people looking to reclaim their pearly whites quickly but with non-severe staining.

To treat heavier staining, it may be best to look for a more powerful option.

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