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Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey EDT Perfume Review: Best Refreshing Fragrance

Featuring yuzu, lemon, sage, mandarin orange, cinnamon, lily-of-the-valley, and sandalwood, the perfume is perfect if you want a refreshing scent that can be worn during evenings. A citrusy, spicy, and woody scent for grown-up men.

Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Perfume

Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Perfume

The scent contains the best combination of citrus notes you can find in a fragrance. So if you want a slightly tangy but sensual smell that you can wear for dates, office parties, or clubbing, then this one will work perfectly for you.

  • Brand: Issey Miyake
  • Model: ISS93
  • Item form: Spray


The fragrance includes several different ingredients which makes it a perfect small tangy, yet cool scent that is best for older men.


  • Aquatic fragrance
  • Fresh notes
  • Perfect for evenings and summer season


  • Can be too tangy for some people
  • Has disappointing longevity
Longevity of smell
Bottle design
Value for money

The details

L’Eau d’Issy Homme is a woody Aqautic scent that was launched in 1994. IT was created by Jacques Cavallier and can be described as a rare and unusual fragrance rich in spicy, citrusy, woody, and musky notes.


The top notes include yuzu, lemon, mandarin orange, bergamot, cypress, tarragon, sage, coriander, lemon verbena, and calone. The middle notes include mignonette, Ceylon cinnamon, saffron, bourbon geranium, lily-of-the-valley, blue lotus, and nutmeg. Lastly, the base note includes musk, tobacco, sandalwood, amber, cedar, and Tahitian vetiver.

Longevity of smell

The longevity was quite disappointing since most people commented that it lasts for only two to three hours before you need reapplication.

Bottle design

The bottle has a rectangular shape with a white body and a square cap. It has a spraying mechanism. The bottle is only available in 4.2 fl oz.


The scent is woody and citrusy but it reminds you of the sea as well. It is a contemporary classic that is perfect for nighttime use during summers. It is versatile in notes and can be a perfect gift for older men.

Final verdict

The EDT is a citrus dominant scent that includes notes of flora, woods, and spices as well. Furthermore, it has a very unique aquatic aura to it which smells intriguing, sophisticated, and fresh.

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