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IT Horror Book Review: Best Overall & Scariest Book

IT is one of the most famous horror novels by the American writer, Stephen King, published in 1986 it is about seven children terrorized by an evil entity that exploits the fears of its victims.

IT horror book

IT horror book

  • Author: Stephen King
  • ISBN-10: 1982127791
  • Release date: July 30, 2019


IT has terrorized and traumatized many generations with its terrifying story, violence, and well-described scenes. It is one of the masterpieces of the genre and is a must-read for horror lovers.


  • Terrifying and exciting story
  • Well-described scenes
  • Clear narration
  • Good character development


  • Extreme violence
  • Too long for the plot

The details

The story of IT is set in Derry, a small town in Maine, United States. The peace and the harmony expected from a small village do not exist there. Instead, there exists an accumulated evil that uncontrollably comes to light, like a twisted rope clown that suddenly jumps out of its box, scaring you to death. The wickedness in Derry can manifest itself as bigotry, racism, abuse, misogyny, cruelty, and indolence, creeping down the sewers and devouring children. In Derry, their lives a terrible monster haunting the population since ancient times, lurking in corners and expressing itself in various ways. However, he often takes the form of the clown Pennywise, who, during the ’50s, tormented a group of friends, known as losers, who managed to stop him thanks to the strength of friendship. But, 27 years later, Pennywise returns to torture them again and finish them off.


IT is one of the best Stephen King books; The story, the way it is narrated, its easy-to-read style is fantastic despite being such a long book. In addition to the impressive story, all the characters (Bill, Eddie, Beverly, Ben, Richie, Mike, and Stan) are perfectly accomplished and characterized, especially as children. Another aspect that catches attention is that King did not limit himself to creating just a horror story, but he injected significant social criticism, focusing on racism, homophobia, abuse, and bullying. In addition, he told a great story of friendship and adventures, which generate a lot of empathy with the main characters. For these reasons and because it is much more detailed than movies, we highly recommend this book. If you like friendship and horror stories in which monsters can transform into your worst nightmares, then you will enjoy reading IT.


There is room for many genres in this work, among which horror, mystery, drama, social criticism, and even love stand out. If the book would only be labelled with the detail of terror, much of its potential would be denied. Indeed, each appearance of Pennywise tests the reader’s emotions, but there is much more to highlight in the story. For example, King builds a beautiful friendship relationship between the protagonists, the boys who have not had an easy childhood for one reason or another. Each of them carries a complicated situation that will lead to a strong bond with the others. On the other hand, there is much indirect social criticism regarding modern society and its problems in between the lines. Overall, it is an exciting, multi-faceted story.


IT is divided into five parts, each with an interlude, plus an epilogue, totalling over 1,500 pages. Regarding the work style, King proposes an alternate narrative between the past and the future, recounting the lives of its protagonists in childhood and adulthood. Thus it captures the reader since the events of a time clarify the understanding of the other.

Regarding the author, he is just great. The way of narrating and telling every detail without leaving a single nail loose in the third-person all-seeing mode with each character’s unique backgrounds gives depth to the story and the character development. In addition, the terrific descriptions and explanations create outstanding imagery that the book becomes a mental movie.


The protagonists are the friends of “The Losers Club,” as they call themselves. Each of these guys has a different and unique personality.

Bill is the leader of the group directing each plan, and he has everyone’s complete trust.

Ben is a bit of a shy boy. He is the fat man of the group and has a deep love for Beverly. But despite everything, he shows tremendous courage in tricky situations.

Beverly, the only woman in the group, is used to being insulted and abused by her father. Since she was a child, her love for Bill creates an inevitable rivalry between Bill and Ben.

Mike, as the black guy in the group, constantly suffers from racism. However, he is the one who is in charge of reuniting the group of losers again. He lives regularly in Derry, realizing everything that happens and how IT brings terror back again.

Eddie has a particular fondness for medicines since he has asthma and must always take medicine for everything. His mother has raised him as a hypochondriac.

Stan, unfortunately, is a character we know as a child, but who, as an adult, decides to commit suicide when he receives a call from Mike. His personality is quite strong and brave, and he seems to be the oldest of the group.

And finally, we have Richie, a boy who takes everything as a joke. He is the most relaxed of the group and has no fear of anything.

Describing IT is problematic since it is without a form. We often see it as a clown, a spider, a bull, or a tramp. Thus, IT takes the form of your fears, and it is precisely this that fuels its power. Perhaps this is why only children can see it.

Final verdict

Finally, we conclude that we recommend IT 100%. It is an excellent book to start getting into King’s head and writing. If you like horror and suspense with extended depth, this may be your next read, as it has a bit of everything. But be aware that the book is very long and contains extreme violence.

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