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J JIMOO Natural Silk Sleep Mask Review: Best Silk

This sleep mask by J JIMOO is a luxurious silk mask made with memory foam sandwiched between high-end woven mulberry silk. It is made to soothe your eyes through the night and help you feel well-rested the next morning.

J JIMOO Sleep Mask

J JIMOO Sleep Mask

Despite being a silk mask, due to the memory foam, it provides a complete blackout. Moreover, the mask does not have eyecups but still, it does not put any pressure on the eyes.

  • Brand: J JIMOO
  • Asin: B07X5H6J92
  • Material: Silk


The mulberry silk makes it extremely soft and soothing. Moreover, the adjustable strap is such that it does not catch your hair.


  • Uses 100% natural material
  • Extremely soft
  • The clasp does not snap your hair
  • Has a very luxurious feel


  • Requires a lot of washing care
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Last but not least is this natural silk sleep mask by J JIMOO. It is made of natural mulberry silk, the benefits of which have been known in the Chinese culture for years. This silk improves blood flow and helps battle bacteria that causes skin infections and acne. This lightweight mask has been specifically designed for people who travel a lot. Even after long flights and road trips, your eyes will look fresh and well-rested. It comes with an adjustable strap that is elastic and has a tiny buckle that does not cause irritation to get stuck in your hair.


The mask has been made using 100 percent pure woven mulberry silk that is lightweight, natural and breathable. The mask is ultra-soft because a think layer of breathable memory foam is enclosed in between layers of silk. It does not use any glue to prevent irritation that can be caused due to the chemicals. Thanks to the memory foam, the mask blocks all incident light and provides a 100 percent blackout for good quality sleep.

Skin care

The mask does not use any chemicals or synthetic material that can cause skin irritation and acne. Moreover, it uses mulberry silk that is known for its bacterial fighting capabilities. The mask is also rated hypoallergenic and is suitable for individuals with skin conditions and sensitive skin. The material used helps soothe skins with a rash.

Ease of use

The mask comes with an adjustable elastic strap that neither snags the pillow nor gets stuck in your hair. Moreover, the mask is very soft and comes with a nose bridge that adjusts on your nose automatically. It can be washed by hand. However, you are advised to wash it with cold water only. Spinning in a dried and drying with hot air is not recommended either. Dry it on a wire without direct sunlight.

Final verdict

This is a very cute silk mask that makes a great intimate gift. It can be used by males and females alike. Despite being so stylish, the mask has a lot of benefits and the fact that it soothes your skin tops them all. It is perfect for travelling, night or day shifts and road trips.

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