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J World New York Sunrise Backpack Review: Best With Wheels

This is a vibrant-looking backpack, best for anyone who wants to experiment with bold color choice this season. It has a telescoping handle that you can set at different heights. Let us tell you that since it's a rolling backpack, you need not carry it on your shoulders all the time.

J World New York RBS-18

J World New York RBS-18

The telescoping handle stands out. Apart from providing the much-needed convenience when rolling the backpack, its locking mechanism allows you to adjust the handle to a comfortable height.

  • Brand: J World New York
  • Product Number: RBS-18
  • Style: Roller Bag With Wheels


It’s the perfect size for kids entering pre-school and toddlers. The main compartment is wide enough, allowing you to stash reading materials and snacks. Apart from that, it doubles up as a travel bag as it can accommodate clothing and other items.


  • Rolls smoothly
  • Spacious
  • Doubles up as a travel bag


  • Weak handle
Value for money

The details

Kids love rolling backpacks. They are convenient to carry and eliminate the shoulder pain caused by regular bags. In addition, toddlers can carry much more than they would if they used backpacks.


The backpack is pretty spacious, allowing you to store as many items for your toddler. The main compartment is remarkably roomy, making it easy for your toddler to access everything.


The backpack stands out from the rest of the products in this list mainly due to its rolling design. This means it can be used as a regular school backpack and a wheeled bag too. What’s more, it has an incredibly durable construction featuring a durable ripstop polyester fabric with a metallic frame. The edges are reinforced to enhance durability, while the material has a water-resistant coating that keeps your supplies dry.


The shoulder strap has an ergonomic design that makes it feel comfortable when carrying. The back panel also has a mesh cushion that makes it easy for your child to carry the bag for extended periods or during warm weather.

Value for money

The backpack has a premium price, which is pretty reasonable for the added convenience. It’s also pretty spacious, and its sturdy construction means it can last a few years.

Final verdict

Many customer reviews found this backpack pretty handy for their toddlers. The rolling wheels and adjustable handle all work together to enhance convenience. It can also be used as a regular backpack, has a sturdy and comfortable construction that allows you to save money in the long run.

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